Will MTG Arena Be Available on Mobile? Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

Will MTG Arena Be Available on Mobile? Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me 1024 637 Tony Guo

Will MTG Arena Be Available on Mobile? Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

For the best part of 25 years, Magic the Gathering has been one of the most popular collectible card games out there and the number of players actively playing the game, which as per the facts and figures by experts like those over at mtglion.com which puts the figure above 20 million, going some way in proving its popularity. It has been a pioneer and at the forefront in opening new frontiers for other collectible and trading card games, which is to be expected as it was the very first game of its kind when it was released close to 26 years ago in 1993. Over the years we have seen the game undergo lots of changes and improvements especially as far as cards and deck building goes as well as the introduction of a competitive scene to it with competitions and events, as covered in detail over at mtglion.com. As the gaming world has shifted towards digital due to advancements in technology, the game followed suit by releasing MTG online then MTG Arena which has proved to be quite popular. With the growth of mobile as a gaming platform, the question on the lips of MTG Arena is whether the game will be available on mobile. Well, this article will attempt to answer that question.

Speculation about whether MTG Arena will become available on mobile intensified when a job posting for the position of senior software engineering lead was posted on the Wizards of the Coast website, something that was covered in detail over at the ever reliable mtglion.com. What really set tongues wagging is when folks took a closer look at the job posting and one of the things they were looking for in the ideal candidate was in terms of game development experience with multiple platforms including windows, iOS and Android. Another telltale sign that MTG Arena may be coming to mobile was when they also announced that they needed their ideal candidate to be accomplished in Unity development with mobile development as a plus. The fact that the game developers seem to be actively looking for mobile developers has been interpreted by experts, including those over at mtglion.com, as a sign that the game is set to be released on mobile soon. It didn’t take long for them game’s developers to announce that they were indeed looking to launch the game on mobile, news that was very well received by its masses of ardent players all over the world.

The announcement that the game’s developers will be releasing the MTG Arena mobile open beta phase on 27th of September was particularly well received by its players. The announcement, which was covered in detail by the experts over at mtglion.com, included details that the mobile version of the game will be available for both android and iOS and it will be free to enroll and comment for all those interested. Some of the key features that are expected to come with MTG Arena mobile include a live match second screen experience, an easy to navigate interface where one can be able to view all their matches history, all their decks as well as a social feed that not only allows you to see your progress, but to see the progress of your friends as well as interact with them. These are just the features we know thus far and we expect more to be revealed as we get closer to the beta testing and during the testing itself, with mtglion.com being the place where any news on the same will be posted as soon as it is released so ensure you keep visiting the site.

While Magic the Gathering is the leader in this field, it is facing credible competition from Hearthstone which has launched on mobile and as such we expected that sooner rather than later Magic the Gathering Arena would launch on mobile as well. Their launch on mobile, according to the experts including those at mtglion.com, will only serve to strengthen their grip on this market even further and blow their competition out of the water. The plan to enter the mobile world will be in the form of an app that is expected to package everything we love about Magic the Gathering Arena but in mobile form. This will also help in making the game more accessible, which should help make it even more popular than it is right now, as per discussions over at mtglion.com. The full release of the game on mobile is yet to be known as there is still lost of testing to be undertaken before the game can be deemed stable enough as well as free of bugs to be fully released; until then the game’s many fans wait for it to finally be available on mobile.

This article only begins to scratch the surface as far as Magic the Gathering Arena and its availability on mobile goes, with more on the same to be found over at mtglion.com. For those looking for Magic the Gathering stores near them, then I’ll let you in on a secret which is that mtglion.com is the best around and you should definitely check them out.