Why are cosplay costumes so expensive Magic the Gathering Cosplay

Why are cosplay costumes so expensive Magic the Gathering Cosplay

Why are cosplay costumes so expensive Magic the Gathering Cosplay 1024 626 Tony Guo

From the last Magic the Gathering cosplay event that I recently attended, three things became very clear to me; the controversy around cosplays seems to have taken a back seat, the number of females attending MTG cosplays has more tremendously grown and lastly, the cost of tailoring or even buying Magic: The Gathering Cosplay costumes is over the roof! Having interacted with thousands of fellow Cosplayers, I couldn’t help but notice that one common sentiment was chorused by almost everyone in attendance- coming up with MTG cosplay costumes is more than expensive.

Having knitted my own costume as always( this by way, is the right way to do it), I sought to find out why it had become so tough for those who couldn’t put together pieces on their own to get hands on cosplay costumes. In my quest for answers, it came to my realization that both tailor-made pieces and ready-to-wear pieces were very expensive and this explained why a lot of my longtime friends had chosen recycle the costumes they had worn in previous cosplays.

So, why are MTG Cosplay costumes so expensive? Why are thousands of MTG Cosplayers choosing to recycle their costumes at every event? Here are some of the most common reasons why Magic the Gathering Costumes are so expensive;

Reasons why Magic: The Gathering Cosplay Costumes Are So Expensive 

 Increased demand 

There has been a surge in the number of Cosplayers in the world and this only means one thing; the demand for Cosplay costumes is very high. With such a high demand, obviously comes a hike in the prices. Tailors and other designers have realized that the number of people in need of not just Magic the Gathering Costumes but other cosplay costumes is on the high and they inflate their prices when the peak season for conventions is around the corner.

High quality materials used in making costumes 

The materials used in cosplay may also cost a lot more. In order for the costume to look more authentic, a variety of supplies and fabric may be employed in its making. If for example, the character has some sort of weapon, it may take a lot of time and money to mimic such devices. These materials are also not readily available in the market.

Sophisticated costumes take up large volumes of material

Some of the Magic the Gathering Cosplay Costumes use up a large number of materials when making them. Some characters that Cosplayers choose to play in the game have very complicated attires and coming up with the right costumes to dress up as this characters takes up a lot of material.

An outfit may incorporate masks, wigs, footwear, craft supplies, and capes, just to mention a few. These materials added to the rest of materials can make it very pricey for most people. It is obvious that if a costume takes a lot of material, it will be very expensive in the end.

Tailor made pieces are costly 

The other thing that is evident with MTG cosplay costumes, is the fact that customization means paying extra bucks. Some of us MTG players, are perfectionists and will settle at nothing short of the perfect costume design. With this keen eye for intricacies though, comes a price.

For a tailor or designer to give you the piece that perfectly meets your demands, you will have to cough up whatever amount of money he/she wants. Customizing pieces is not mean feat and tailors can therefore be forgiven for charging a little higher on the pieces which require more time and have more details.

Inflation has resulted in a hike in material prices 

I am not a business head but rumor has it that inflation has affected the cost of the materials used in making the cosplay costumes. Just like in oil or any other commodity in demand, fluctuations in price are guaranteed to tamper with the final cost of the materials used in designing the costumes.

Yes, Cosplay can be really expensive, but they don’t need to be. If you know how to use the resources at your disposal, you can greatly cut back on the cost. Get to know what you can create on your own and only buy those that you have to. You can shop at thrift shops, discount sites, garage sales for stuff you need and make the necessary alterations. It may not look like those shinny ones you see in cosplay competitions but it will definitely be pocket-friendly.

If anything, the right way of coming up with a Magic the Gathering Cosplay costume, is by taking time out and designing one for yourself. It is a fun-filled activity and even though the pieces might not turn out great at first, over time you will be able to make better costumes which will turn faces in cosplay events. Design on your own and save as much money as possible.