Where to buy Anime near me – Best in Texas

Where to buy Anime near me – Best in Texas

Where to buy Anime near me – Best in Texas 1024 636 Tony Guo

Where to buy Anime near me – Best in Texas

Anime has completely transformed the outlook of fun and engaging endeavor people take on. Anime has a particular appeal that most other entertainment genres lack and this is what makes it so popular among its lovers. The popularity that anime has been able to command over time has led to the establishment and development of anime stores across the world. In Texas for instance, there are multiple stores where you can find anime and it boils down to you being able to find the best so that you enjoy the service. A detailed list can be found on mtglion.com but here is an overview of the places you should check out when searching for anime in Texas. 


This is a unique online store in Houston, Texas that allows you to buy Anime related equipment and gaming accessories. The unique aspect about this store is that clients are offered customized services which is a factor that guarantees customer satisfaction every time. From anime styled merchandise to cosplay items, MTGLion is your store of choice in Texas. 

Anime Pop

This is a collectibles store in Addison Texas that has an eye on ensuring passionate lovers of anime get to have all they need under one roof. It is a store that prides in being able to provide authentic anime products and anime related imports from Japan. When you visit Anime Pop, you can be assured that you will get access to anime gear and collectibles that will satisfy your need as far as anime is concerned. 

Cosplay N Charm

A unique store in Plano Texas, it is the best place to find Anime. Anime lovers are always specific in terms of the anime merchandise and items they take on and this store addresses this concern by offering both quality and functionality. It is structured as a gift shop where you can buy anime products to gift your friends and family and enable them enjoy a piece of the anime world. Cosplay N Charm also stands as a costume shop where you can get virtually anything anime related and this is what makes it one of the best in Texas. 

Fat Ogre   

With a great comic selection to choose from, Fat Ogre is set as a quality anime store in Houston that can speak to your needs as far as anime is concerned. This store stocks miniature variations that are sure to cut across any preference you may have and with Anime cosplay items to go along with the same, the store ranks as an unbeatable force in the anime world.

Anime Tokyo

This is a highly equipped Toy store in San Antonio Texas that has a niched angle in anime. The beauty of this store is that on top of having quality anime items, you can also find affordable comics and merchandise which effectively allows you to build your collection over time. What you can get at Anime Tokyo includes anime figures, apparel and a wide collection of anime related art that is sure to tickle your fantasy    

Wonko’s Toys and Games

Quality anime with a variety to go with the same is what you can expect at this store. At this store, you get to have a wide array of choices when it comes to Anime. From role playing and anime games to exclusive collectibles, Wonko’s Toys and Games positions itself as one of the best anime stores Texas has to offer. What’s more? You can also have access to action figures, anime merchandise and miniatures that can completely give your anime collection a boost.

Kinokuniya Carrollton

Located in Carrollton, Texas; this is the ultimate store when it comes to anime. It is a Japanese bookstore that holds a large collection of anime and anime related stationery. If you are a lover of Japanese based anime books and magazines, Kinokuniya Carrollton is the place to visit as you can rest assured you will not be disappointed.   

Titan Comics

From anime related collectibles to comic books, Titan Comics offers a wealth of options to any anime lover. This store is conveniently located in Dallas Texas and the beauty is that they guarantee that you will get quality anime supplies which makes it a dream store for anime enthusiasts. Anime collectors will find this store as a dream destination since you can be sure that you will receive your money’s worth. 

Nine Tails

What passionate anime lovers desire most is to have a dedicated store that can offer them flexibility, quality and variety and the beauty is that all these are captured at Nine Tails. From Gifts, books to other anime related equipment like handcrafted anime toys and unique and specialty toys; this store offers top of the range anime items for people to choose from. You can also access Japanese pop culture merchandise and this is what makes Nine Tails the place to be when in San Antonio Texas. 

FIT Japanese Store

At FIT Japanese Store, you can buy and browse through tons of Cosmetics, items, kits, anime stationery and household products. It stands as an adorable anime store that speaks to the fantasy that anime lovers hold.