What Fire Emblem Character are you

What Fire Emblem character are you

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What Fire Emblem character are you

Created by Intelligent systems and published by Nintendo, the thirteen fire emblem titles to date establish the game’s success on a global scale. The fire emblem era started in 1990 and to date, it only gets stronger with crossovers, and the recent release of an Android/iOS title: Fire Emblem Heroes. If you have ever wondered which fire emblem character you are likely to be, read on.


You are Marth if you like peace and do everything to uphold it. A protagonist/second tier protagonist in several fire emblem installments, Marth is very driven in his quest for peace. His drive is derived from the death of his retainer – Jagen – in an plot event that greatly shaped the person he became.


Cain is a serious, restrained character who appears in Fire Emblem Thracia 776. He bears a tragic childhood having been orphaned at a young age. You are Cain if you are equally serious and restrained, channeling all your energy into your highest purpose which for Cain, was war.


Alva is Cain’s best friend and a polar opposite personality-wise. He is a sunny and cheery character who is good natured and very charming. Ironically, he is also very good in battle. He can be considered a sanguine and this is, therefore, the character you are if you are an affable individual endowed with social graces.


Draug is the perfect representation of a warrior committed to a cause; driven by patriotism and loyalty to his recognized leader – Marth. Draug dutifully fights in Marth’s battles, making him an equally passionate proponent of peace. You are Draug if unquestionable loyalty is one of your chief traits.

Linda and Tine

Linda and Tine are sweet and humble. Linda is additionally described as kind hearted but not comprehensively as she holds a grudge towards Hilda and Bloom who played a part in raising her. This makes you Tine if you are meek, but if you additionally have the ability to hold grudges, you become Linda.


Alfonse, a prince of Askr, appears in Fire Emblem Heroes. He has a taste for battle but he also values friendship a lot, which led to a heartbreak after his best friend disappeared without a trace. For this reason, despite being generally kind, he is untrustworthy towards others and cautious of nurturing close relationships. You are Alfonse if you resonate with the narrative of heartbreak which makes you exercise extra caution in relationship matters.


Bruno is the character that breaks Alfonse’s heart and for this reason, he comes across as less interested in cultivating intimate connections. The fact that he can just disappear makes him mysterious and enigmatic and at some point, he even uses an alias – Zacharias. You are Bruno if you are mystic and unpredictable, with many people concurring concerning your inscrutability.


Anna appears in different capacities in Fire Emblem Awakening, Mystery of The Blade, and Shadow Dragon. The parallel that can be drawn from her many roles is that she is secretive with a penchant for business.

At some point, she runs a secret shop that members can access via cards. She is also very loving and supportive of her boyfriend – Jake – in a romance that lasts in all the titles in which she features. You are Anna if you share her inclination towards secrecy and doing business.


As Anna’s boyfriend, Jake seems to run into all manner of reasons to spend time with her. He gets lost often – once, en route to battle. His final decision is these instances is always to go back home to Anna which speaks much concerning his personality.

At some point, he does confess indirectly that he does not love war.  Despite loving Anna, he flirts often with other girls – incidentally, a trait of his that Anna seems not to mind. You are Jake if all you are a loving partner who looks for all manner of excuses to spend time with your soulmate.

Bloom and Hilda

The subjects of Linda’s grudge, Bloom and Hilda are a power hungry, tyrannical ruling couple that seem to care only about accumulating power. Their primary disposition is reflected in the game courtesy of Bloom’s good fighting abilities. Hilda, his wife, is portrayed as unconcerned regarding child hunting and sacrifice. No one is likely to be as diabolical as these two, but if you have a thirst of power for powers sake, and you tend to use it tyrannically, then, you would be Bloom and Hilda.


Caeda is forgiving, and always willing to extend an olive brand and offer second chances to those who hurt her. She is also very patient with people, pure hearted and loving. In many ways, she represents the truly pure individual who sees the best in everyone. Unless you are perfect, you can only be Caeda in part and considering she embodies most virtues, it is reasonable to say that everyone is Caeda to different extents.


Seliph is the proverbial dreamer who wants to become a hero and his village’s savior. He personifies you if you strive to achieve lofty dreams no matter how impossible they may seem at the outset.


Olivia is a great dancer but she also suffers from stage fright which she continually endeavors to overcome. Shy and withdrawn, you are Olivia if you are naturally timid or trying to fight your innate shyness in a performance oriented world where confidence is exalted.

In a game spanning over twenty-five years, the characters are certainly too many to cover personality-wise in a single article. The above characters, however, represent most of the virtues and vices you are likely to identify with in the other unmentioned game personalities. You can always learn more about the characters you most identify with on mtglion.com.