Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About CardFight!! Vanguard

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CardFight!! Vanguard is an international popular trading card game which was published by Bushiroad back in 2011. Although it made a relatively late entry into the already saturated market of Trading Card Games, CardFight!! Vanguard has done pretty well attracting millions of players globally.

Originally created by Mangaka Akira Itou, the game has become an international phenomenon. Available in Japanese, English and other major languages, CardFight!! Vanguard is set to overtake the traditional trading card games big boys as the most loved and played TCG in the world but that will take some time.

Here at MTG Lion, we are ardent fans of CardFight!! Vanguard and love its gameplay and the premise on which the game revolves around. We love the dynamism of the game, the easy customization and a number of other attributes which the traditional card games haven’t quite adopted.

In this blog post, we are going to look at some of the relatively unknown facts about CardFight!! Vanguard. These are facts which even the most revered of players probably don’t have knowledge about. Here are the top 5 things that you didn’t know about CardFight!! Vanguard;

Top 5 Things That You Didn’t Know About CardFight!! Vanguard

The Card Game was originally a Manga Series

CardFight!! Vanguard just like many other Trading Card Games, started out as a manga/anime series. Unlike the other games like Yu-Gi-Oh! whose anime series ran for quite some time before making the transition to a card game, the transition was quicker and more swift in CardFight!! Vanguard.

CardFight!! Vanguard the anime series debuted in late 2009 and within 2 years, there was a card game which was already taking over the hearts of card game lovers. This goes to show how good a game CardFight!! Vanguard is and how quickly people are falling in love with it.

Luck and your deck directly affect your chances of winning in the game

One of the many reasons why many people easily fall in love with CardFight!! Vanguard is the fact that lady luck plays a role in influencing the outcome of a match. Irrespective of how powerful your field might be, it sometimes comes down to luck for you to win a match.

This element combined with the deck that you have, will have a direct influence on the match. Unlike the other games where the deck holds all the cards literally when it comes to influencing a match, CardFight!! Vanguard adds a twist with the element of luck.

This attracts players who haven’t built strong decks and who aren’t as experienced in the game. In games like Magic: the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! If your deck is not strong enough and you are not experienced in the game, then your chances of winning a match are very minimal.

Skill level and game math comprehension surpass luck in the game

Although this sounds like a contradiction of the above stated point, it is true that if you have knowledge on how to control your field and understand the in-game maths, then you might end up not needing luck to win in the game. Let me expound on that point;

If you are a seasoned player with experience on how to catch your opponent off-guard, will increase your chances of winning. Experience on how to use your cards to attack your opponent and the right time to use the cards will make the difference between winning and losing in the game.

On in-game maths, you’ll need to remember the numbers whenever you hit an opponent as you will need this information later on in the match. For instance, if your deck has a Crossride, knowing that you should keep the 80000 boosts in your hand to be able to hit, will make the difference between you winning a match and losing a match.

Perfect Guards in the game are not as powerful as people make them to look

As seasoned CardFight!! Vanguard players, we have come to the realization that perfect guards might be overrated after all. As much as they are important in the game, they are not needed that much and just two or three of them in a deck are more than enough.

A lot of people often focus on not feeling bad for having to ride with perfect guards instead of focusing on having better cards to ride with.

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