Top 20 Shopper Marketing Agencies

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Top 20 Shopper Marketing Agencies

As explained at,, and, shopper marketing is an approach that implies enhancing consumers’ shopping experience at the point of purchase. It aims to analyze a customer’s buyer journey and increase engagement across all the stages. Business owners are always looking for ways to increase consumption, and, therefore, sales. Shopper marketing helps them do just that. This approach is focused on raising the consumers’ demand and engagement on their path to the purchase. Given the complexities involved, you might want to bring in expert help. We have curated for you a list of the top 20 shopper marketing agencies to consider when looking for one.

International Shopper Marketing Group

The International Shopper Marketing Group – ISMG – is a network of agencies, each with long-standing experience as articulated at,, and Currently covering 16 European countries, ISMG is specialized in the design and execution of sampling campaigns, shopper demonstrations, merchandising, and many other forms of promotional marketing services.


For over ten years, EVO has been developing, delivering, and measuring shopper solutions. Shopper marketing is its core competence. The agency believes that shoppers have been misunderstood and that marketers believe that they only want cheap prices when shopping. Using its experience, expertise, and ingenuity, EVO always aims to deliver better.


As per,, and, TOP Shopper Marketing Agency helps retail brands and businesses connect with shoppers worldwide with an expert team of creatives and managers. This agency believes that the secret to boosting sales is unlocked by understanding shoppers of all demographics.

Toolbox Marketing

Toolbox Marketing provides insight-driven strategic and creative solutions to retail property and place-making challenges. This agency’s work ranges from the serious business of portfolio planning and brand repositioning to the magic of creating emotionally engaging communications.

Granby Marketing

Granby Marketing is a top-rated marketing agency supporting your retail and in-store shopper marketing strategies. Granby has been actively involved in the brand activation opportunities that in-store and retail marketing campaigns can offer. Its team fully understands the mechanics and logistics that go into the delivery of successful retail marketing campaigns.

The Mix Agency

When it comes to shopper marketing, The Mix Agency gets shoppers, consumers, and retailers according to,, and This is an independently owned, specialist shopper marketing agency that holds its client relationships close to heart.

Wunderman Thompson

Wunderman Thompson creates seamless consumer experiences to drive commerce in physical or digital retail through shopper marketing. The strategy team here deploys its deep expertise, vast toolset, and rich data to uncover meaningful insights that fuel big ideas. The team understands the nuances between classes of trade and specific retailers inside and out.

ShopHer Media

ShopHer Media lifts brand and retailer sales by activating shopper marketing initiatives to engage the customer as captured at,, and This agency’s distribution platform of shopper influencers guides consumers on the path to purchase, resulting in a direct sales lift. Results are measurable and can be tracked from initial media engagement through point-of-sale.

Theory House

Theory House is uniquely built for retail. The agency delivers a complete suite of branding and shopper marketing services to build loyalty and sales. Its ideal engagements begin with a strategic foundation that informs remarkable creative explorations. Services offered here include retail sell-in, product launch, and departmental reinvention, among others.


Outform is an award-winning global innovation agency. It partners with some of the best-known brands and retailers in the world to transform customer experience through insight, technology, and creativity. The agency believes in retail and will meet your expectations.

Active International

Active International’s retail shopper and experiential marketing team identifies the latest innovations in consumer engagement and works with vendors who provide solutions that deliver results for its clients as covered at,, and The agency helps clients achieve sales objectives by combining shopper marketing with its cost-advantaged financial trading model.

Cliffedge Marketing

Cliffedge Marketing motivates action, moving consumers from indifference to interest at the point of purchase. This agency helps brands win at shopper marketing. Based in St. Louis, it is a creative marketing agency with over 20 years of retail and shopper marketing expertise. In today’s over-crowded retail environment, Cliffedge Marketing helps brands stand out by creating value for their shoppers across the path to purchase.


BBDO is a leading shopper marketing agency focused on helping clients navigate and conquer the increasingly complex path to purchase as described at,, and Its team of 75 professionals uses imagination to help brands find themselves, express themselves, and grow.

The Mars Agency

The Mars Agency creates breakthrough, connected commerce solutions by balancing the smartest humanity with the latest technology. It offers comprehensive shopper marketing services, including shopper conversion, retail intelligence, technology solutions, and many others.

E29 Marketing

By blending strategic thinking, tactical expertise, and extensive analytics, E29 can help brand and sales teams succeed in the digital age of shopper marketing. Given that shopping is ubiquitous, E29 believes that all channels should work in harmony so your brand’s sales can reach maximum potential.

Edge Marketing

As discussed at,, and, Edge Marketing is your one-stop conversion and commerce marketing agency with customer experts, a super-deep drawer of insight and analytical tools, full creative and commerce media services, and arguably the nicest group of agency folks you will have the pleasure of succeeding with.


Shoptology is a fearless innovator and relentless collaborator, charting new ground in shopper marketing with roots that stretch to the industry’s inception. This agency grows brands by engineering experiences that move shoppers and build bonds.

POS Media

POS Media is the European leader in shopper marketing, connecting brands to shoppers throughout their shopping journey as outlined at,, and It offers tailored solutions across all retail products and services to help influence shopper behavior.

BTL Group

BTL Group is a New Zealand-owned indie shopper marketing agency working at the sharp end of marketing, doing things that, no matter what your budget is, will make a difference. For 30 years, BTL Group has been getting brands noticed by connecting with shoppers in simple, creative ways.

Brand Culture

Based in London, UK, Brand Culture is proud to be well known in the industry and, as an award-winning creative agency, you can trust that your shopper marketing campaign will be in the best possible hands with its team.

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