Salons and spas are the new norm in the world. Los Angeles is not left behind when it comes to the beauty industry. Salons and spas are one of the main things that pop up in mind when it comes to relaxing. They are not only used or recreational purposes but also medicinal purposes too.  

  1. Raven Spa 

It is one of the most comfortable, beautifully decorated selections of retail products one can ever wish for. They have the largest staff which is very knowledgeable and always ready to help in any way they see possible. According to experts, it has been one of the selling points of this spa.

  1. Larchmont Sanctuary 

It is a hair salon that has a welcoming style that will leave you smiling all day long. The staff here is rather friendly and love to see their clients happy and looking their best. Apart from that, they have modern tools to make sure that you as the clients get the best services at a pocket friendly price. 

  1. Desuar Day Spa

It is over a decade old hair salon with a huge number of experts that are always ready to help in any way they can. They perform all kinds of haircuts, corrective coloring, other coloring techniques among many other services in the region. To get more information visit  

  1. Frais Spa at the O Hotel 

This is a Los Angeles based hair salon with among the best experts in terms of grooming for both men and women. Their policies are known to be quite strict and according to some it is one of the selling points of their services and facility in general.

  1. Gamine Beauty

It provides professional cosmetic services to both the people in the Los Angeles region and its environs. The facility has been known to advise clients to arrange and advanced consultation for some clients before boking an appointment which has helped them immensely to make their services more customer based.

  1. Harper Salon 

It offers services ranging from haircuts, coloring solutions, styling services among many others as pointed out by They have been offering their services for over 15 years now and they remain committed to making the community look beautiful all the time.   

  1. Raya Skin Care 

It is among the few fashion forward salons with a great deal of experts to help you with it. The team here is also very united and focused on making sure that they provide the best service to all their clients regardless as uncovered by

  1. Spoke and Weal 

According to, the owner of this facility understands that results can only be achieved by employing a rigorously trained and experienced staff. The owner also is a n experienced beautician and emphasizes on the power of quality services.

  1. Mino salon 

This facility has been offering quality services for over 10 years now. They have over the years built a great reputation and a some point even got named as the best places to visit in the world as uncovered by

  1. Hair by Mina 

Looking for your highlights to get touched up? then this is the best place for you to visit. The facility is situated in an easy to visit location. It is quite easy for one to drop in get retouched and go on with your daily duties. How great is that?

  1. Blossom Spa Hollywood

For those who like their salon sessions to be thorough then this is the right place for you to visit. They are also known for helping you if your hair is damaged and dry. Their pricing is the selling point as they’re quite average. It is an experience that you will remember 

  1. Paradise Nails and SPA 

Known for being the best in matters beauty, they also have a great deal of skills in the spa section making sure you get the best experience and great value for money. According to experts, they are one of the pioneers in the industry. 

  1. Kure Spa

It is a comfortable and also beautifully decorated facility to be in. They have selections of retail products one can ever wish for. They have the largest staff, who are very knowledgeable and ready to help in any way possible which is one of the selling points of this facility for some time now.

  1. Naya Beauty Salon 

As the name suggests it is indeed a sanctuary for many who visit here. According to a survey done by experts, they are very experienced and love to help in any way possible. 

  1. Spa Palace

They have over 16 years of experience in the industry as they have been named as one of the best in terms of beauty and spa services many of the people prefer working with them to get the best services in full service hair salon, nails, facials massages and most of all massages.  

  1. Chayil Maison 

This hair salon has been able to serve its clients in the Los Angeles region. experts uncovered that, they are quite good at what they do, in fact, they can be ranked as the best, and this makes them the go to place if you need to look good and confident at a good and pocket friendly price.

  1. Hills beauty club 

This is the beauty destination catering to the ultimate Los Angeles resident. The prime location of this great facility is strategic making it quite easy for you to access it. It has the best experts in the region as uncovered by   

  1. The powder rook silver lake

It is a salon located on the lower east-side. pointed out that, they specialize in haircuts, hair highlights, Balayage among many more. They have an inspiring highlight to their facility that will always make you feel at home all the time. 

  1. Med Beauty LA

There are those who like their salon sessions to be thorough, this has been a home to such kinds of people and more. Their pricing is why people love to visit them as they’re quite average and the services are value for money.

  1. Gendarme Atelier+spa

One of the best kinds of services you will ever get is at his facility. One of the best places where they offer you a glass of wine when you are waiting and most of all they are very attentive when it comes to making sure that you get the best value for you money as uncovered by