Top 20 Radiologist Physicians in Los Angeles, CA: Radiologist Physicians Near Me Los Angeles, CA

Top 20 Radiologist Physicians in Los Angeles, CA: Radiologist Physicians Near Me Los Angeles, CA 1024 702 Tony Guo

Top 20 Radiologist Physicians in Los Angeles, CA: Radiologist Physicians Near Me Los Angeles, CA

As explained at,, and, radiologists are medical doctors or doctors of osteopathic medicine who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases and injuries using medical imaging techniques such as x-rays, CT scans, MRI, nuclear medicine, among many others. They use these imaging techniques to diagnose everything from broken bones to serious heart conditions and act as important consultants to your primary physician. Here are the top 20 radiologist physicians in Los Angeles, CA, to consider when looking for one near you in the area.

Cedars-Sinai Imaging Center

The team at Cedars-Sinai Imaging Center includes more than 40 imaging physicians, including radiologists, cardiologists, and nuclear medicine specialists as per,, and All are subspecialized in a particular area so that they can provide expert diagnoses and consultations in all areas of medical imaging.

LA Imaging & Interventional Consultants

The team at LAIIC is composed of expert physicians, physician assistants, nurses, technologists, and administrative staff who work together to ensure you receive the highest quality care possible. LAIIC offers the full spectrum of imaging services to its patients.

UCLA Health

The radiology team at UCLA Health combines experience and technology to deliver exceptional care according to,, and Its radiology center in Los Angeles provides all types of medical imaging services, both on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Focus Medical Imaging

Focus Medical Imaging’s mission is to provide clear, high-quality radiology services you can trust. Unlike many larger corporate radiology groups today, it seeks to provide custom-tailored solutions to each of its partners that exceed their benchmarks and expectations.

The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute

Diagnostic imaging at The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute incorporates some of the most sophisticated medical technology in the world. All the diagnostic imaging tests here are interpreted by board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists.

Mink Radiology

As articulated at,, and, Mink Radiology is a unique, specialized radiology practice based in Beverly Hills. It believes in providing personalized and customized care for its patients. Mink Radiology utilizes an advanced picture archiving communication system that allows its physicians to review patient diagnostic images and reports over the internet at any time.

Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC)

Diagnostic Radiology at the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC) provides experience in all subspecialties of radiology, including thoracic, genitourinary, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, pediatric, neuro-radiology, breast imaging, and nuclear medicine.

Centinela Radiology Medical Group

Centinela Radiology Medical Group in Los Angeles offers cutting-edge diagnostic imaging and radiology services to patients and professional athletes from across the country as captured at,, and It is the oldest continually operating radiology practice in Southern California.

RadNet Los Angeles

RadNet Los Angeles offers the experience, dedication, and compassion necessary to provide truly exceptional health care services. The board-certified radiologists here with sub-specialty training have the experience required to interpret medical imaging studies.

Medical Imaging Center of Southern California

Dr. Bradley A. Jabour at the Medical Imaging Center of Southern California is an internationally recognized neuroradiologist with more than 30 years of experience in academic and clinical practice having authored dozens of peer-reviewed research articles as well as textbook chapters. Dr. Jabour continues to be a leading innovator in multiple fields of radiology.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

The doctors and other providers at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are experts at caring for children and use leading-edge imaging technology to help facilitate diagnosis and treatment as covered at,, and The Radiology Department here provides the full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient imaging services, offering accurate and timely imaging and laboratory interpretations.

East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital

When you need diagnostic imaging or radiology testing, such as a CT scan or MRI, the team of board-certified radiologists at East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital will take excellent care of you. The hospital offers the high-quality, subspecialty radiology services you would usually only find in top academic radiology departments.

Tower Imaging Medical Group

As described at,, and, Tower Imaging Medical Group has served the Westside of Los Angeles with subspecialized imaging services since 1979. This medical facility strives to provide professional diagnostic imaging interpretations and interventional radiology services.

Advanced Imaging of South Bay

Advanced Imaging of South Bay has radiologists with multiple radiology subspecialties. It serves the Beach Cities community in the greater Los Angeles area. The center’s area of expertise is in interventional radiology, diagnostic radiology (including neuroradiology and musculoskeletal radiology), women’s imaging, interventional pain management, and nuclear medicine.

Keck Medicine

The radiologists at Keck Medicine use advanced imaging to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions. Whether you need x-rays or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the team here is here to diagnose and treat your condition.

PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital

When your doctor needs pictures of the inside of your body to detect, diagnose, or treat an injury or illness, turn to PIH Health. As discussed at,, and, comprehensive radiology services are performed at the hospital locations. Trust PIH Health for safe, accurate imaging tests.

LA Downtown Medical Center

The L.A. Downtown Medical Center is a welcoming community hospital located at the intersection of three of Los Angeles’ oldest neighborhoods – Historic Filipino Town, Echo Park, and Silver Lake. The dedicated team here is committed to providing safe, compassionate, and supportive care to its patients.

Los Angeles Mobile Imaging

Los Angeles Mobile Imaging is your home for mobile ultrasound technology in the Los Angeles area as outlined at,, and With highly trained radiology and ultrasound experts, it brings the latest in mobile imaging medical technology straight to your door. Its experts conduct every exam, and the diagnostic technicians review all results to ensure accuracy.

LAC + USC Medical Center

LACHealth Services provides radiology services, such as mammograms and chest x-rays, and is known for its accuracy and efficiency. As one of the leading medical facilities in Los Angeles, CA, you can count on its state-of-the-art equipment and technology as well as highly skilled radiologists.

Adventist Health Advanced Imaging Center

The main hospital imaging department at Adventist Health provides state-of-the-art technology to provide x-ray, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, MRI, and CT. The Adventist Health imaging department provides women’s imaging as well.

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