Top 20 Male Anime Characters that can do Marketing

Top 20 Male Anime Characters that can do Marketing 150 150 Tony Guo

Top 20 Male Anime Characters that can do Marketing

Top 20 Male Anime Characters that can do Marketing

Other than the hard skills needed in marketing as discussed over at, certain soft skills make one an excellent marketer. Taking a look at some of our favorite male anime characters, you can see that some of them possess these qualities, and this article will look to list the top 20 male anime characters who can do marketing.

Koro Sensei

From the anime Assassination Classroom, he may look weird, but he has excellent leadership skills. He is known for constantly analyzing situations and staying grounded and plans so far into the future that any setbacks he suffers are minimal at best should any ever come up. This is why the gurus over at point out that he would be great at marketing.

Kanie Seiya

He comes off as a clown when you first see him on-screen in the anime, Amagi Brilliant Park, but he shines when the pressure is on. He relies on pure logic in his decision-making, is extremely hard-working, and thrives when he is faced with challenges with excellent problem-solving skills, all of which are qualities of a good marketer as covered over at

Junichirou Kagami

From the anime Denpa Kyoushi, he is an Otaku who runs his own blog, while also collecting figurines as a hobby, and you could imagine him being extremely good at content marketing via blogs as per His sharp, witty, and intelligent personality coupled with his ability to motivate and inspire others mean he would be excellent at marketing.


He is from the anime Log Horizon and is the introspective type – always looking within himself for the answers, and thinking things through before making decisions. He is also easy to get along with as well as being very approachable and coupled with the other qualities he has, you could see him being an asset to any marketing team.

All Might

From the popular anime, My Hero Academia, he has an exaggerated, ridiculous personality that makes it difficult to take him seriously at first, until you realize just how much you can learn from him. He always has a positive attitude, a contagious personality, and he is very empathetic, and you can see him being a great asset to any marketing team.

Vash the Stampede

From the anime, Trigun, he is one of the most fascinating characters out there as articulated over at He is easygoing, friendly, and unbothered by even the gigantic bounty on him, and you can tell that he would thrive under the pressure and expectations that are there in the marketing world.


He is arguably one of the most inspirational anime characters there is according to the gurus over at He overcome some pretty significant odds in the anime, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL), and his leadership skills would make him a valuable member of any marketing team.

Tatsuhiro Satou

As is revealed in discussions on the same over at, he is known for pulling himself up and getting up on the proverbial horse every time he faces a setback, and this ability to bounce back, make improvements, and keep going would have served him well in marketing, particularly when it comes to SEO and other strategies that take a while to get results.

Eikichi Onizuka

From the anime, Great Teacher Onizuka, he is the main character, and as a teacher, he possesses excellent leadership qualities as well as an ability to help solve the issues that his students are going through, hence why you can see him being a success when it comes to marketing.

Levi Ackerman

Often referred to as humanity’s strongest soldier, he is one of the most inspirational anime leaders out there. He doesn’t inspire others using words but by example, and this quality to lead by example is one that many top marketers out there have.

Colonel Roy Mustang

He is a colonel in the Amestrean Military and is loved and respected by all of his soldiers. He leads with a burning passion and desire for success, all while not forgetting the importance of his men, valuing his allies more than anything else. This ability to inspire others and make them feel important is one the best marketers have according to


From the anime One Piece, where he is the former Fleet admiral of the marines, he is known for being kind and peaceful, but he also has a strict side to him as discussed over at He has great analytical and strategic skills, as well as being resilient and able to come through the toughest challenges, qualities that would make him great at marketing.


He possesses excellent qualities that would make him an asset for any marketing team out there according to the gurus over at They include the fact that he is a natural and excellent speaker and can rally anyone and bring them to his side. He is also quite intelligent and is one of the smartest anime characters of all time.


The king of Sindria, he is a fantastic leader as well as being the general of the Seven Seas Alliance. He is an inspirational figure shown by the fact that his allies trust him with their lives and would follow him anywhere. Strong leadership skills always make for a top marketer.


As the leader of the organization, Black Knights, which he led against the Britanian Empire, he was a tactical genius and born leader. His analytical and tactical brilliance led to him leading his men to victory countless times and you could see him leading a marketing team to success over and over again.


He was a trailblazer in every regard as discussed over at, and without him, we wouldn’t have seen individual leaders that spawned off of him like Naruto, Minato, Kakashi, among others. He led and brought together many different clans that were at one-time bitter enemies, and you could see him thriving in the marketing world.

Edward Elric

From the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, he is another inspirational male anime character with qualities that would have helped him thrive in marketing according to They include leadership skills, compassion and empathy, and a passion for studying and getting better at his subject matter.

Uzumaki Naruto

From the popular anime series, Naruto, he is another male character that would have been an asset to any marketing team. From discussions on the same over at, he is honest, straightforward, determined, and ambitious and he works hard to achieve his goals.

Son Goku

Although he is only 12, Son Goku, from the anime Dragon Ball, is one of the most inspirational figures in the world of anime. His honesty and sincerity mean that you can trust him, which is something any marketer needs to have nowadays to thrive. He is also determined and hardworking, qualities you will need to succeed in marketing.

Moritaka Mashiro

From the anime, Bakuman, he is another male anime character who you can see doing well in marketing, owing to his perseverance and unshakable belief in his abilities. He set goals, and then he worked tirelessly towards them until in the end he couldn’t be denied.

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