Top 20 Influencers in San Jose California 2022: Influencer Agency Near Me

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Top 20 Influencers in San Jose California 2022: Influencer Agency Near Me

From discussions on the same over at, and, social media has opened up windows to the world, which has led to the rise in influence of individuals around the globe who can communicate beauty, desire, and skill through a single frame. This article will look to list the top 20 social media influencers in San Jose, California, in 2022, to consider.

Terri from @sweettangerine

Terri started the low carb/keto lifestyle in August 2016 and has since lost 78 pounds and an overall 60+ inches as per, and She believes that food should be enjoyable and easy to prepare, and loves cooking and trying new recipes. She will tweak recipes to make something simple and make them her own.

Sally Kim

Sally considers herself to be just an average girl who loves skincare, fashion, beauty, yoga, and plants. She has over 78,500 followers on Instagram and also has a presence on Snapchat, where she shares content on lifestyle, skincare, yoga, makeup, beauty, and fashion.

Funko Fanatic

The account @funkofanatic has a huge following on Instagram (126,000 followers) and is led by a friendly, funny geek from San Jose, California according to, and She is a huge toy collector who loves taking amazing pictures and posting them on her Instagram page.

Pam Victorio

Pam is a popular gaming influencer in San Jose, California, who is also a book publishing geek. She loves talking about products that she would want to play with and is also a professional editor, which means that her articles will be extremely readable as well as being great for SEO.

Forks & Vines

Forks and Vines is one of the best food blogs, covering the restaurant scene in San Jose, California. The lady behind the Instagram page is passionate about great food and wine while making sure she showcases affordable food and wine for her followers.

Eliane Alves

Originally from Brazil, as articulated at, and, Eliane is now living in San Jose, California, as a mother of two daughters. Given that her first job was in the fashion industry in Brazil, she now continues to inspire women to be their best selves through fashion, healthy eating, healthy thoughts, and having fun through traveling.

Rachel Novak

Rachel is a pop/rock singer and lifestyle blogger based in San Jose, California. Through her music and blogging, she enjoys sharing stories about her life, fashion, beauty, travel, food, and more. As a huge advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and women empowerment, she has diverse followership on her accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.


Going by the moniker @stayinghomesawyer on Instagram as captured at, and, Shauna is a 30-year-old new mom and wife living in San Jose, California. Originally from Wisconsin, she has become a stay-at-home-mom and shares her experiences with her 28,000+ followers.

Charlotte Anderson

Charlotte is a San Jose-based freelance model and model mentor. As a model, her Instagram feed is full of lots of stunning photos that showcase her range as a model, while keeping her audience engaged and informed about her daily activities. She is also a cat lover as well as an advocate for mental health.

Tiffany Telles

Tiffany is the brains (and beauty) behind The Bliss Life accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She started her blog to document the renovation of her 1960s ranch home and it has evolved into a DIY décor and family travel blog.

Leslie Parrott

As covered at, and, Leslie is a skilled visual storyteller with an authentic style focusing on the use of color and natural light. She shares content on food and drink, travel, photography, and hotel destinations to her followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Sarah Sowse

Sarah loves all things beauty. Makeup is her therapy and her favorite transformation, and she believes that feeling good is the key to looking good. She provides tips and tricks for women to feel confident inside and out to her followers. One of the reasons she is so popular is because she lives her life openly and vulnerably to empower and encourage women to love who they are at every stage.

Dr. Barb

While social media, especially Instagram, is full of younger influencers, Dr. Barb is unique in that she is older as described at, and This micro-influencer is a retir4d teacher who enjoys running, doing yoga, and traveling the world, and shares her experiences with her loyal followership.

Adrian a.k.a. Ace

Adrian is the face and brains behind Project Ramos, which is the moniker for social media accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. He is a tech enthusiast and uses his accounts to produce and post product review videos, especially on YouTube. He is also an Amazon influencer.

Ben Zorn

Ben is one of the most popular San Jose, California, influencers, with a reach of 278,000. Ben shares content on fitness and his daily life with his 217,000 Instagram followers and 61,400 Twitter followers and is worth collaborating with when looking for a San Jose influencer.

Kristina Hagan

Kristina has over 338,000 followers on Instagram where she shares content on health and wellness, lifestyle, skincare, home products, and dog supplies with her audience as discussed at, and

Leily Khatibi

Leily Khatibi is a digital artist and technologist ins San Jose, California, and her Instagram account, @fewnew, has got over 50,000 followers. She posts content on design, art and artists, education, media, Silicon Valley, and so much more.

Love Hate Plur

@luv8plur, with over 17,500 followers, is led by an entertainment and hip hop influencer from San Jose, California as outlined at, and The artist behind this page creates feel-good music and is passionate about what he does.

Ali & Jenna – LGBTQ+ Couple

Ali and Jenna are a female lesbian couple living in sunny California. They have been growing their online presence for almost a year, and love the community they have found through Instagram and their blog. They hope to provide visibility, representation, and inspiration for young people and LGBTQ+ people from all over the world.

Janet Perkins

Janet is a content creator and influencer in San Jose, California. She creates content revolving around beauty, skincare, and fashion, which she shares with her 46,000+ followers on Instagram, and has worked with various brands since she started to gain popularity.

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