Top 20 Influencers in San Antonio Texas 2022: Influencer Agency Near Me

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Top 20 Influencers in San Antonio Texas 2022: Influencer Agency Near Me

San Antonio is often overlooked in favor of its Texas Triangle neighbors such as Austin and Dallas as explained at, and However, it is a boiling pot of culture with businesses from all industries and verticals. The city is also home to many influencers and this article will look to list the top 20 influencers in San Antonio, Texas, in 2022 to consider when looking for one to partner with.

Amy Lynn Johnson

As per, and, Amy is a digital media consultant, editor, and freelance writer. She is the founder of Dog Friendly San Antonio, a website featuring the latest events, news, and dog-friendly goings-on in the city, from a dog’s point of view.

Alamo Foodie

@alamofoodie is one of the most recognizable influencers in San Antonio, Texas. Her Instagram posts, which are often written with an eclectic mix of humor and quick-witted intellect, will open up for you a world of local eateries in the city that will take you out of your comfort zone.

April Monterrosa

A San Antonio native, April is an entrepreneur, published author, and the CEO/Editor in Chief of Live From The Southside, the first Latina-owned publication in Southside San Antonio according to, and She is listed as an influential Latina in San Antonio by KSAT12 News.

The Wandering Bearded

When looking for a travel influencer in San Antonio, make sure you check out @thewanderingbearded on Instagram. Dave, the face behind this account, knows a thing or two about travel, has visited 25 countries, and speaks four different languages.

Luisa Garcia

Luisa is the voice and face behind The San Antonio Socialista, a lifestyle blog/marketing consulting business. She is a blogger, personal marketing consultant, photographer, and radio co-host, who writes and is passionate about faith, family, fashion, fitness, food, and fun.

San Antonio Stephanie

Stephanie, or @sanantoniostephanie in Instagram, started her Instagram feed as a way to make up for and celebrate the life she missed while waiting, a symptom of being in a long-distance relationship as articulated at, and She is bold, and from the very beginning, you just know that she colors outside the lines and makes no apologies for it.

Roy Aguillon

Roy Aguillon is known from The Carpenters Apprentice, an online talk show with a tagline that reads – Real people. Real stories. He creates video content that highlights the unique stories and experiences of the San Antonio community and has amassed a loyal following since he started the show.


@texicans is a group of Latino ladies who are taking the Alamo City by storm on Instagram as captured at, and They are entrepreneurs, social influencers, and also lead the work of local charitable initiatives. They do it all in the backdrop of what is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, San Antonio.

Stephanie Guerra

Stephanie is the founder of Puro Pinche, a culture and entertainment website focusing on San Antonio’s local music, art, and events. She started blogging in 2010 and works with several public relations firms and major concert venues. She has been the recipient of many awards, including the San Antonio Magazine 2012, and Best Social Media Personality.

Alayah Benavidez

San Antonio’s very own Mis Texas USA, Alayah Benavidez, is the face behind the popular @three_bees_boutique, the newest in-demand fashionista boutique. She created the boutique to combine her love of fashion with her work on early literacy initiatives.

Tammi Solis

Tammi Solis is the creator of Girl Unfinished, a blog that is designed to help women navigate their unfinished life, through an array of amazing tips and tricks as covered at, and Her Instagram covers all these bases and is one of the most popular accounts to follow if you are from San Antonio.

Vanne Ochoa

@VanneOchoa is a popular lifestyle blogger that is worth a follow on Instagram. This jet-setting Latina artist and fashion model offers everything from style advice and weight-loss tips to beauty secrets. Her down-to-earth personality and authenticity will keep you coming back for more, and are what have made her as popular as she is.

AJ Rivas

If you are looking for a TikTok San Antonio influencer, then AJ Rivas is worth checking out. The 29-year-old also works as a house manager at a group facility for adults and children with intellectual disabilities and is one of the latest San Antonians to gain a mass following on the video-sharing social network as described at, and He also has a presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Satx Family

Jill, a stay-at-home mom, is the face behind @satxfamily on Instagram, and she started her Instagram account to share her San Antonio adventures with friends and family. She loves to meet and network with other moms from areas near and far, which motivates her to keep finding local places to share with her followers.

Joanna Estrada

Being passionate about bringing laughter to all around her, you can find Joanna doing comedy in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas. On social media, she is known as @funnyjojo12, and she is San Antonio’s own celebrity comedian and viral sensation.

Hey Mijita

@heymijita is a San Antonio stay-at-home mom showing the power of what having a dream, some hustle, and social media can do for you as discussed at, and On top of looking to empower women on her Instagram account, she also offers a line of fun and vibrant women’s items on her account.

Gabrielle Gonzalez

With thousands of followers, local TikToker Gabrielle has discovered the path to San Antonio’s heart – food. She is the creator behind the popular @Siempre_Sanantonio TikTok and Instagram accounts, and with more the 250 videos and nearly 80,000 followers, she is making waves in the community.


@frickspicks dispels any myths that dictate turning 50 means dressing or looking frumpy as outlined at, and Inspired by a movement of 50-something women who believe that they are under-represented on Instagram, she wanted to push all older women to believe that they deserve to feel beautiful as well.

Andre Lopez

Andre Lopez is a Southside San Antonio foodie influencer who is also a talented artist and graphic designer. If you are looking for the best food spots in the Southside of San Antonio, Texas, then Andre is worth following.

Lauren Moffett

Going by @laurenmoffettphoto on Instagram, Lauren is one of the top San Antonio, Texas, photography influencers. She started her Instagram account to share her wedding and portrait portfolio, but it quickly turned into a platform where she could share her personal work and projects with the world.

These are the top San Antonio, Texas, influencers in 2022, with more on this topic, and so much more, to be found over at, and