Top 20 Female Anime Characters that can do Marketing

Top 20 Female Anime Characters that can do Marketing 150 150 Tony Guo

Top 20 Female Anime Characters that can do Marketing

Top 20 Female Anime Characters that can do Marketing

All sorts of lists have been written about female anime characters as discussed over at, but have you ever stopped to consider the female anime characters who would also be perfect for a marketing campaign? Well, this article will look to list 20 who we think would do great in such a setting.

Ezra Scarlet

She is one of the main characters in the anime series, Fairy Tail, and is known as one of the most attractive anime characters out there. As discussed over at, she is not only about looks as she is also known for her attention to detail and doesn’t like it when mistakes are made, making her a good fit for marketing.

Kurisu Makise 

She stars in the anime series, Steins Gate, and is a brilliant neuroscience researcher, and is one of the smartest female anime characters out there as covered over at Her intelligence and the fact that she is an all-rounder means that she would also be good at marketing.

Kanna Kamui

She is from the anime series, Miss Kobayashi, and her cute appearance as well as the fact that she is witty, clever, and caring, means that she would fit right in the marketing world as per the gurus over at

Saori Himemiya

Her whole appearance screams a successful marketing campaign with her look and the fact that she almost always has headphones on. She would be great as far as marketing in the music industry is concerned, or when marketing headphones and other music-related goods and services.

Rias Gremory

She is the main protagonist in the anime series, Highschool DXD, and her appearance is very beautiful with her red hair and blue-green eyes. She catches everyone’s attention as soon as she walks in and you can imagine that she would be great for any marketing campaign, especially in the beauty products industry.

Motoko Kusanagi

She is from the anime Ghost in the Shell as discussed over at,  and is the leader of Major of Public Security Section 9. Her leadership qualities as well as her brilliant tactical and analytical abilities make her a great fit for the marketing world.

Priscilla Twilight

From the anime Day Break Illusion, she is the music teacher of the Nagataki branch of Sefiro Fiore as outlined over at, and is another female anime character who would be perfect in a marketing campaign. Her ability to teach and lead others as well as her appearance makes her perfect for marketing.


She is from the anime series Akame Ga Kill which is discussed over at, and other than her good looks, she is also very kind, compassionate, and determined, soft skills that would make her such an asset when it comes to marketing.

Eto Yoshimura

She is known for her ability to plan ahead and she is from the infamous anime Tokyo Ghoul where she is the most notorious ghoul, although she acts like a human for most of the series. Her ability to plan ahead, to come up with strategies that outmaneuver others and her intelligence means she would fit in well in the marketing space.

Super Sonico

From the anime Super Sonico the Animation, she is an 18-yeard-old college student who is also a professional model as well as an employee at her grandmother’s restaurant. She is also a member of a music band. Her multi-talented nature, as well as the fact that she is a model, means she would be great for marketing.

Erina Nakiri

As the gurus over at point out, she is an anime character on the popular anime series, Food Wars, where she is known to wield the best palate in the world. She has good looks and is considered to be the most beautiful person in the anime, and couple that with her determination to learn and become better, you can see why she would be great for marketing.


As covered over at, she is another female anime character who would do well when it comes to marketing. She is from the anime, Spice and Wolf, where she uses her wisdom and intelligence to help Lawrence, another character, increase his profits, and you can see her doing the same to any business in terms of marketing.

Chihaya Ayase

She is from the anime, Chihayafuru, where we follow her through her journey as a high school student and the way she deals with life’s challenges and the people around her. The soft skills she portrays in dealing with those around her and the challenges she faces make her perfect for marketing according to


He long, rosy-pink hair styled in long pigtails as well as her distinct emerald green eyes makes her one of the most attractive female anime characters out there. She is also fiercely loyal to her master, all of which means she would be great when it comes to marketing.

Yuki Nagato

From the anime, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Yuki is an alien with great intelligence, with a memory that is good enough to easily learn any piece of music just by looking at it once making her a great asset to the team. Her intelligence and superhuman memory could also make her a great asset to any marketing team out there you’d imagine.

Izuko Gaen

As discussed over at, she is from the anime, Monogatari Series: Second Season. Her penchant for hip-hop is evident in the way she dresses, complete with headphones, although she is a techie at heart and she walks around with 5 cellphones on her. You can see her working well in marketing campaigns in the music industry as well as the tech industry.


She is among the most intelligent members of the straw hat, and as outlined over at, she is from the anime, One Piece. She is also very beautiful making her the perfect combination of beauty and brains. She is also seen altering her hairstyle as well as donning different t-shirts with four-letter words such as gold, evil, etc. and you can see her being an asset to most marketing campaigns.

Hange Zoe

As a brilliant scientist, she is among the most intelligent anime female characters out there as discussed over at She is also a trailblazer and isn’t afraid to try out new things, shown by the fact that she was the first person to conceive the idea of catching Titans alive in the anime. You can easily see her shining in marketing the same way she does in the anime.

Yumeko Jabami

From the anime Kakegurui, where rich and influential individuals attend a school where gambling is the law and decides the social status and even future life aspects of people studying at the school, she is the protagonist and an exceptional gambler. She can easily tell the opponent’s plans and analyze their entire strategy, which is what keeps her on the top ranks of the ladder in the anime, and what would make her great at marketing as well.

Olivier Mira Armstrong

She is from the popular anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist, where she holds the rank of Major General at the North end of the country where it is the coldest. Her tactical brilliance, mental and physical toughness and leadership qualities mean that she would be great at marketing too.

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