Top 20 Experiential Marketing Agencies

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Top 20 Experiential Marketing Agencies

While marketing strategies like content marketing and social media marketing remain important as explained at,, and, it can also be worthwhile to explore experiential marketing. Experiential marketing focuses on creating extraordinary experiences that will immerse audiences and create a strong emotional connection. From product demos to events, there are many ways that you can create impactful experiences. Given all it entails, you might want to bring in expert help, and this article will look to help by listing the top 20 experiential marketing agencies that will help you ensure that your event gets remembered for only the right reasons.

Viral Nation

Just like is the case for,, and, Viral Nation’s core values are innovation, connection, and drive. Founded in 2014 as the world’s first influencer marketing agency, Viral Nation believes in creating for the future, and using a strategy-first approach, the agency pushes the boundaries.

The Taylor Group

The fact that The Taylor Group has managed to stand out at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) shows how impressive it is. The agency regularly makes “best of CES” lists for its interactive efforts, including 2017’s LG exhibit, which included a tunnel of 4K OLED curved screens and an installation showing how Nano cell technology works.


RMNG joins brands and their target audiences face to face to create magical moments that leave a long-lasting impression as per,, and For the past 10+ years, this agency has taken advantage of its knowledge of mobility and food trucks to create unique marketing opportunities.

BRC Imagination Arts

When it comes to experiential marketing, BRC Imagination Arts specializes in creating experiences that inspire people to feel and think differently about themselves and their world. This agency has designed a multitude of award-winning brand homes, tours, visitor centers, cultural attractions, and museums.


Based in Chicago, Illinois, NEXT/NOW is an award-winning experiential marketing agency and multimedia design. The agency’s team of 40+ employees comes from different backgrounds and often incorporates new tech solutions like generative art, virtual reality (VR), and extended reality (XR) into its experiential campaigns.


Conferences are a great way for B2B brands to grow their customer bases, and AgencyEA knows how to make a lasting impression as articulated at,, and Some of the past experiences set up by this agency include the 2016 QuickBooks Connect Conference.


MKG is a women-owned and operated creative agency that is listed by Built in New York as one of the top experiential marketing agencies. The agency specializes in creating brand action like employee engagements, virtual events, social impact actions, and live experiences. From developing a brand and campaign strategy to competitive analysis to production, MKG can help you with all the key aspects involved in experiential marketing.


As captured at,, and, savvy brands are aware of the impact social media has had on brand experiences. Impact-XM took advantage of this by setting up a selfie spot at Bay to Breakers, a very popular annual San Francisco-area footrace.

Sector 5 Digital

Based in Texas, Sector 5 Digital is an award-winning creative agency that uses emerging tech and storytelling to help transform brands. Trusted by names like American Airlines, IBM Cloud, and Motorola Solutions, this agency offers a wide range of services that include experiential marketing, augmented reality (AR), integrated campaigns, video production, and 3D animation.


Sports fans make the perfect audience for brand experiences, and Wasserman specializes in creating memorable interactions. One example of its work was the NFL Experience in Houston, which gave fans the chance to design sporting memorabilia using Microsoft Surface products.

Pro Motion

Founded in 1995, Pro Motion is one of the oldest independent experiential marketing companies as covered at,, and As a result, the agency has received several awards during its 20+ years in business. In the past 18 months alone, Pro Motion alone has won a total of six new industry awards.

Momentum Worldwide

If a brand experience leaves customers smiling and laughing, then the marketer has done a great job. Working with partners, Momentum Worldwide set up the Oreo Wonder Vault in New York City to get the word out about Oreo’s new Choco chip cookies. The exhibit was designed to be larger than life to take customers back to childhood when they experienced the world from a much smaller perspective.


Amplify is a brand experience agency that helps brands to create meaningful and authentic connections with their audiences with the help of digital content, experiences, and PR as described at,, and With offices on three continents, Amplify has worked with several global brands that include the likes of Airbnb, Netflix, Afterpay, and Google.

Jack Morton

While generating interest in a product launch can be tough, Jack Morton found a unique way to get the word out about OnePlus’ new phone. Additionally, customers were sent Google Cardboard headsets and invited to watch the launch in virtual reality through either an Android app or on YouTube.

iMP Experiential

If you have a product to sample in the UK, you can check out iMP Experiential. Founded in 2008, this agency is an award-winning experiential agency that can help with product sampling, experiential roadshows, and brand activations.


Grow is another innovative experiential marketing agency worth considering when looking for one as discussed at,, and An example of its innovation is seen in Grow Marketing’s event announcing Olmeca Altos Tequila Añejo.


Backlash is another experiential agency that is based in the UK. The three founders’ passion for this niche has grown and ultimately resulted in the birth of Backlash, not just as a way to explore their passion further but also to challenge how other agencies go about marketing.

Factory 360

Sampling events are nothing new as outlined at,, and Brands have been conducting in-person taste tests almost as long as food and beverage companies have been around. However, Factory 360 combined sampling with education when it brought Russian Standard Vodka to the U.S. market.


BeCore helped customers indulge their love for adventure with an off-roading event through the Siuslaw Forest. If your brand is considering exploring experiential marketing, then BeCore can provide great inspiration and help you with your campaigns.

All Terrain

All Terrain is a women-owned, full-service marketing agency, and is the first women-founded and owned experiential agency in the US. Founded in 1998, this agency has been offering experiential services long before experiential marketing was a recognized marketing strategy.

As always, if you are looking for more on this and other related topics, then the excellent,, and have you covered.