Top 20 Best Anime Stores in Texas

Top 20 Best Anime Stores in Texas 150 150 Tony Guo

Top 20 Best Anime Stores in Texas

Top 20 Best Anime Stores in Texas

The state of Texas is full of culture and life, and as an anime fan, there are is no shortage of cool anime stores in the major cities across the state to check out. If you are looking for one, here is a list of the top 20 best anime stores in Texas.


An obvious choice, RunRex is located in Houston, Texas, and is one of the best and most established stores in the area, bringing together anime fans from all over the state. Its premium shop carries a wide selection of goods and merchandise from the popular anime series out there, as well as from some niche ones for the true fans. It also serves as a venue for anime-related events, making it a fun store to visit. Check out for more information.


Guttulus is another top-rated in Texas, and it is also located in Houston, Texas. It carries plenty of anime and manga, including special interest magazines, and its wide selection of merch means that you are unlikely to leave without finding something that will interest you when you visit this store. As you can see over at, this store carries both fresh and popular selections as well as classic anime series as well.

Anime Tokyo

Located in San Antonio, Texas, this anime store is open daily, from 12 pm to 10 pm from Sunday to Thursday, and from 12 pm to 12 am on Friday and Saturday. It offers a wide selection of anime merchandise, from anime series to prize figures, scale figures, plushies, and so much more, just is the case at

Anime Pop

Anime Pop is located in Addison, Texas, and is a one-stop shop when it comes to anime fans in the area. Here, you can shop for Nendoroids, Dragon Ball figures, tapestries and displays, model kits, plushies, key chains, and so much more, all of which are also on offer at

Third-Planet Sci-Fi Superstore

You can find this store at 2718 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77098. The store is very spacious and very well organized, making shopping here a very pleasant experience. Other than that, it also has a wide selection of anime goods and merchandise, from DVDs to plushies and figurines, and so much more, as can also be said of

Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy

This is one of the largest anime store chains in Texas, with store locations in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. It was founded in 1986 and offers a diverse range of comic books, games, and related products, including anime products, in a friendly, professional, and fun atmosphere, just like

Paradise Anime Inc.

As is also true for, this anime store in Houston, Texas is constantly adding new products to its inventory to ensure that anime fans visiting the store can find whatever it is they are looking for. Here, you can find anime bags, anime DVDs and Blu Ray, anime jerseys, anime plushies, anime plushy key chains, character kimonos, and so much more.

Bedrock City Comic, Co

This is a local shop in Houston offering vintage and new comic books, as well as posters, apparel, and collectibles. Whether you are looking for anime figurines or other merchandise such as T-shirts as well as manga, you can be sure that you will find them here, just as is the case for


Located at Willowbrook Mall, also in Houston, Texas, this store is obsessed with creating and sharing unique and authentic product experienced that stimulate its fans’ imagination and fuel their inner geek, as can also be said for It offers a wide selection of anime and anime products and merchandise for anime fans in the area.

Zeus Comics and Collectibles

This is a specialty shop in Dallas, Texas for comics, graphic novels, manga, action figures, plush toys, trading cards, and games, all of which are also on offer at It also offers gift cards, allowing its customers to give loved ones the perfect gift in any amount they choose.

Kinokuniya Carrolton

Located in Carrolton, Texas, this store offers a wider variety of books, magazines, and stationery from Japan, including all your favorite manga, just like It offers its customers an extensive collection of manga, graphic novels, art and design books, cookbooks, travel books, children’s books, and much more, both in English and Japanese.

Titan Comics

Titan Comics is your store of choice when looking for manga in Dallas, Texas, just like is the store of choice for those looking for the same in Houston. While it sells manga, it also purchases the same from customers, which means you can sell your collection here for a quick buck. It maintains an extensive back issue selection of more than 90,000 different back issues from as far back as 1942 to date.

Wild West Comics and Games

Located in Arlington, Texas, with another store location in Fort Worth, Texas, this is another popular store for anime lovers in Texas. selling comics, books, and games, you will find a wide selection of manga at this store, as is also the case for, with new issues being introduced regularly to sate the appetite of its customers.

Nan’s Games & Comics Toys

Located in Houston, Texas, this store has got all you need as an anime fan, just as is also true for From manga to manga-themed games as well as figures, plushies, and miniatures, and so much more, there is something for everybody at this store.

Anime & K-pop

This store is located at 1818 E Pioneer Pkwy, Suite 112, Arlington, Texas 76010, and is one of the best anime stores in the area. Just like, it specializes in Japanese anime goods and collectibles, and whatever it is you are looking for, from anime DVDs to acrylic figures and so much more, you will find here.

Anime Armory

Anime Armory is located in Garland, Texas, and is your go-to destination for all things fantasy and anime, as is also the case for The store sells swords, knives, anime items, steampunk, jewelry, trading cards, and so much more, as well as hosting anime events.

Red Pegasus Comics

Located in Dallas, Texas, this store is located in the Bishop Arts District and was opened in November 2014 as a pop-up shop, before being made permanent in April 2015. Its goal is to bring the best in comic books, graphic novels, toys, and collectibles to Oak Cliff, Dallas. Its staff is highly knowledgeable on all matters anime, as is the case for the team at

Moshi Moshi Gifts & Stationery Co.

Just like, this is one of Houston, Texas’ best anime stores. Here, you will find a wide selection of merchandise, featuring Kawaii gifts and fancy stationery, cute plushies, sticker, anime posters, figures, keychains, and so much more.

Madness Games & Comics

Located in Plano, Texas, this store offers comics, board games, collectibles, trading cards, role-playing games, posters, toys, as well as having a newly added extensive manga section to fulfill all its customer’s needs.

Monkey See Monkey DO

This store is located in Austin, Texas, and is another top-rated anime store in Texas. It offers a wide selection of anime items, from plushies and figures to keychains and other items you can buy your loved ones as gifts. The staff is also highly professional and knowledgeable and will be extremely helpful as you shop.

While all these are excellent choices when looking for an anime store in Texas, the top-rated and are the cream of the crop when it comes to anime items, and much more.