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TOP 20 ANIME STORES IN TEXAS; ANIMATIONS IN TEXAS experts uncovered that animations or famously known as animations have been a got to sector for many people looking for entertainment. This has led to the extreme growth of this sector. This has later on allowed entrepreneurs to make a big catch out of selling items based on famous animations or animes as they are popularly known. have been able to make a list on some of the best anime stores in Texas.

Reynolds advance materials

This stores takes pride in having a very knowledgeable staff, while also not forgetting to add to their resume that they are kind and very helpful to their clients. According to, many of their clients have been able to put a very good word for them due to their great services.

Pan-African connection

Being a store that is family owned and locally operated, they have proved to their competing stores nearby that they are a force to be reckoned with. experts visited the store and uncovered that, they have a great deal of artifacts and cool books. They also have their own community market.

Anime pop

Situated along belt line road, Addison, Texas this is the best place to go to if you are an anime figure enthusiast. They have a wide range of popular anime figures at very low and discounted prices.

Kinokuniya bookstore Carrollton

Having a wide a variety of books, gifts stationery and cards they have been a favorite place to go to for most anime lovers. According to, majority of their clients are kids of all age groups.

Anime armory 

This store is one of the best rated in Texas at the moment. They have products ranging from toys to costumes while also not forgetting it is a great hobby shop too. uncovered that this store has been around for some time now and it is a darling for many in cedar sage Dr, Garland, Texas.

Daiso japan

Many of the anime lovers who have visited this store had a lot of praises. This discount store as the name suggests has a wide range of great anime products with prices that are very pocket friendly. also uncovered that this store almost tends to look like a certain place in japan called daiso. 

Titan comics

This is among the best places to get comic books of all animes. This store has been a go to place for almost every anime enthusiast. It has maintained this spot due to the great selection of comics they have.

Awesome cards and comics 

For those of anime lovers who are into hidden gems and the whole thrill that comes with adventure and discovery then this is the place for you. According to experts at, this shop is full of books.

Pink box

They deal with product like phone accessories and toy accessories. This place has been named as a very awesome place as it is the best place to go to if you are looking for a gift for someone, especially if the person is into animations.

Toys unique

As the name suggests it is the best place to run to if you are looking for a toy for your kid. It has unique toys and gifts for kids of all age groups, while also including gifts for teens. To top it all of uncovered that the employees are always happy and take pride in helping their clients.

Galleria Dallas

Located in Dallas, it is an appealing building outlook and an amazing selection of stores. According to experts, this has all your anime shopping needs in one place. While also not forgetting the amazing atmosphere in the shopping plaza.

Dot bang

This shop has been in the area since it was a small shop. It has been able to grow rapidly and now it is a darling to many anime fanatics. They have many thins ranging from purses to even jewelry. So if you are into unique things then this is the best place for you.

Dew toy stash

This is a great toy store us uncovered by they have a variety of shows movies and comics that will keep you coming back for more. They even have in stock the vintage action figures from iconic and classic animations.

H gift shop point out that this is a unique shop as compared to the others in this list. This is so because this shop has been stocking Asian artifacts. Which make them a fan favorite as it has a unique items other than the usual one that are loved by the fans.  

Bedrock city comic company

The staff here is very knowledgeable and are very kind to their customers. This shop is mainly categorized as a comic book store. It has a wide range of comic books as compared to their competition in the area.

Game over video games has uncovered that this is store is one of the favorite video game stores for kids of all ages. The staff including the manager are very helpful when acquiring video games.

Books kinokuniya

This is a book store with a Japanese theme. experts uncovered that they have great stuff to keep you busy. This has allowed them to grow a large fan base. They have a wide variety of books from adventure, science fiction among many others mainly basing on animations.

CY-TEX gaming

Situated on grant road, cypress. Texas. It is a hobby shop while also having stocked various video games. It has been rated as an amazing store with great employees, while also not forgetting the owner who is very friendly.

Game guys

It is an electronic repair shop also having a good number of video games or kids of all ages. This shop has a special response time of one hour. Thy offer all the greatest games for various platforms for example Nintendo.

Little craft place

It is an art supplies, cards and stationary for all their clients. Also not forgetting they have a huge variety of Japanese stationary for those that are into such things. More information on this store you can contact