Top 20 Anime Store Houston: Anime Shops in Houston

Top 20 Anime Store Houston: Anime Shops in Houston 150 150 Tony Guo

Top 20 Anime Store Houston: Anime Shops in Houston

Top 20 Anime Store Houston: Anime Shops in Houston

As discussions over at reveal, anime products are extremely popular out there, fueled by nostalgia from our favorite anime. Houston has got lots of anime shops, and this article will try to ensure that you get the best shopping experience by highlighting the best anime stores in the area.

Magic the Gathering

This online store is undoubtedly one of, if not the best anime store in Houston, and it is always one click away regardless of your location in the area. As discussed over at, not only does it allow you to buy and sell Magic the Gathering cards, it also has lots of cool anime merchandise, all of which are of excellent quality and are offered at a very competitive price.

Pop Culture Company

This store is among the best in Houston if you are a beginner and are just getting into anime and comics according to The staff at this store are extremely helpful which is why it is great for beginners. The store also offers a 20% discount on any purchase, a great incentive to head there and shop for anime products.

Bedrock City

It is one of the biggest anime and comic book stores in Houston, with a reputation for clean and well-organized shelves as per This store has got multiple locations throughout Houston making it very accessible to anime lovers.

Half Price Books

While this store in Houston is known for its collection of comic books and manga, it is also great for anime merchandise. It has a very wide collection of anime products and a very helpful and knowledgeable staff that will make your shopping experience worth experiencing once more.

Fat Ogre

This store is one of the most recognizable names in Houston when it comes to anime stores. Located in The Woodlands area, it is one of the best around for anime merch. It particularly prides itself in its gaming section, where you will find an impressive collection of anime-themed games including Pokémon TCG and Magic the Gathering, to name two.

Paradise Anime Inc.

As its name suggests, this store is like paradise for any anime lover. As is discussed over at, the store has an impressive collection of anime products and constantly adds new products to its inventory. From anime bags, anime movies, and anime jerseys, to anime plushies, anime keychains, and even traditional Japanese Kimonos, etc., this store has it all.

Misfit Toys

According to, this Houston-based store is synonymous with toys, buying toys as it helps customers turn their toy collections into cash. However, it still has an impressive anime section, which includes lots of anime products, including anime plushies and action figures.

Japan House

As covered over at, this is a retail shop in Houston dedicated to various Japanese goods, including anime products. The shop prides itself in providing its customers with great shopping and customer experiences with its wide variety of imported and authentic Japanese goods.


This store prides itself on its passion and obsession for creating and sharing unique and authentic product experiences that stimulate its customers’ imaginations and fuel their geek core. If you consider yourself an anime geek, then this is the store you should check out. It is located inside Willowbrook Mall.

Moshi Moshi Gifts & Stationery Co.

This Houston-based shop offers stationery, plushies, anime, and so much more, and it has a very diverse shopping menu for anime lovers. You can find keychains and charms, pins, anime-themed socks, wallets, masks, bags and backpacks, and even mystery items, etc.


This is a local chain specialty retailer in Houston selling apparel, accessories, home goods, and novelties as discussed over at It is located in the Galleria area and is an excellent option when looking for a store to buy anime-themed gifts. It also helps provide a meal to a person in need every $10 spent on its products, which means that you will be helping with a good cause even as you shop.

Kinokuniya Bookstore

Located in Katy, this is a Japanese-based retailer known for its collection of Asian books and magazines, as well as DVDs and stationery. From new releases to classics, you will find a diverse collection of anime products and manga at this store according to

Hot Topic

This anime store in Houston is teen-oriented and is located in Memorial City Mall. Whether you are looking for t-shirts and merchandise from your favorite anime, or jewelry as well as plushies and figurines, the store has got you covered as articulated over at

Collection Affection

This is one of the best anime stores in Houston when it comes to anime figurines and figures. You will also find amazing collectibles as well as anime TCGs like Magic the Gathering and Pokémon. The store also offers anime posters and wall scrolls, accessories, apparel, and so much more.

Third Planet

It is a popular sci-fi and fantasy superstore in Houston which is another one worth checking out when looking for anime products and merchandise. The store also allows you to place pre-orders for hot new merchandise that is about to hit the market, ensuring that you are ahead of the curve when it comes to new products.

Senpai’s Cards & Anime

With an option to also shop online as covered over at, this anime store offers a wide array of anime TCGs and other products. Its card games include Magic the Gathering, Dragonball, Yugioh, Pokémon, Arcent Saga, and many others. It also offers tournaments to those interested in testing their skills.

Ichimaru Japanese Beauty

This Japanese-based shop in Houston offers a wide variety of Japanese products and merchandise, including anime products. While it is mostly known for selling imported Japanese beauty products, it also offers several anime products including movies, apparel, keychains, etc. as discussed over at

Eve Pink II

It is another excellent anime shop in Houston, with a reputation for stocking its shelves with high-quality and competitively priced anime products. This shop is extremely cute and clean as articulated over at, and will give you an excellent shopping experience.

Big Blue Whale

It refers to itself as “your favorite Houston toy store”, but it is more than that as it also offers anime products. You can either shop online or at its location in Houston and sells anime merch for people of all ages from one-year-old kids to older teens who are 16 and above.


It’s a Japanese-themed store offering amazing anime products to the anime community in Houston. It also has an online store where you can head to and shop for your favorite merchandise online. Although it is primarily a J-beauty store, it has an impressive selection of anime products for you to sink your teeth into.

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