Top 13 best male fire emblem characters 

Top 13 best male fire emblem characters  150 150 Tony Guo

Top 13 best male fire emblem characters 

Fire emblem has a variety of characters that are both interesting and filled with curious elements that define their existence. The male characters in particular are a wonder to behold due to their inclination and varied abilities when it comes to gameplay. When it comes to character development, the male characters offer a wide array of possibilities and you can get more details on this at Here are the top 13 best male fire emblem characters.


He has an imaginative character and is fun to be around which makes him one of the favorite male characters for most players. He is a dominant character in the game and his noble personality adds to his overall qualities. He has a traumatic past but he is upbeat and always looks at his challenges in a positive way. He is a warrior who loves poetry making for a curious combination of characters. His quick thinking makes him a top character in Awakening.


Lon’qu is powerful and has been able to earn the respect that he is given by other characters in the game. He is a confident figure with unrivalled skills and his most admirable trait is inherent in the fact that he doesn’t really take notice of what people think of him. He is a character that provides comic relief in the game and makes character development all the more interesting and engaging. His swift, strong and fast nature makes him a force to reckon with.


First of a generation, he rides his trademark white horse and is a lovable character all round. He is the only Lord of the game that is an adult and this makes him a unique character in the game.


The second of a generation, Celice is the heir of the starring role. He talks over from his father Sigurd and takes the burden of being the leader and the responsible head that is always consulted for guidance.


Charged with leading a growing army, Roy takes on the responsibility with courage and becomes an effective leader in the same. He leads his troops against King Zephiel who is taking over Elibe. In this, he ranks as one of the most amazing characters of the Fire Emblem series.


Chrom is a renowned leader who leads his own private military group. He is a leader who is adept at the art of combat which makes him a proper character when it comes to war. He is a massive favorite for many players of the game.


Destined as the personal tactician to Chrom, Robin’s tactical prowess makes him one of the most outstanding characters of the game. His inclination to be a student of the game is what makes him a lovable character and the fact that he uses his skill and technical prowess for good.


Wielding an axe, hector stands as one of the most pronounced characters of the game and his prowess is further exemplified by his armored movement.


A royalty by blood, Corrin is torn between loyalties and is conflicted between who really should be considered family. This is a character that has to choose whether it is his own bloodline he should consider or those who raised him. A twist is however in the mix as there may be another way to counter the conundrum and this makes this character an interesting one to follow through.


Working under his father’s tutelage in the mercenary group, Ike stumbles upon the princess of Crimea being attacked and together with the mercenary group, he sets to investigate the matter and return the princes to her throne. His character is strong and determined and this makes him a favorite among enthusiasts of the game.


He is a prince and a powerful one as such. Takumi has a powerful divine bow which he uses during his combat missions. He has the power of the dragon vein which makes it possible for him to alter and move terrain around him. He is one of the best when it comes to combat and is a very strong force when engaging enemies. As a loyal warrior, his dedication is what stands out.


Classic thief character, Gaius’ antiques are simply hilarious and his role in the storyline is one that exemplifies what he is all about. Under the impression that he will be acquiring riches, he goes about his usual angled behaviors but his mission changes midway and this causes him to switch allegiance in order to protect the Exalt.


Targets to free his homeland Altea from Gra who murdered everyone Marth knew while he was still under his care. Marth seeks to be worthy of wielding the Falchion blade which is a sacred weapon that can only be taken on by those who have proved their worth.