Top 10 worst Cards in Magic The Gathering History

Top 10 worst Cards in Magic The Gathering History

Top 10 worst Cards in Magic The Gathering History 1024 683 Tony Guo

What are some of the worst cards ever printed in the history of Magic the Gathering? Is there anything like a top 10 worst cards in Magic the Gathering? Well, yes there is and we are going to review some of the most useless and least enchanting cards to have ever graced the face of Magic the Gathering.

To add some spice and an element of competition to the game, Magic the Gathering prints different cards- with varying manna levels and general powers. Whereas most of the cards printed in the game have some value in their respective game modes, some cards are just bad and plainly useless. These are cards with a very narrow use either individually or in a combo that they just can’t be used in any competitive deck. These are cards that leave you feeling like you simply wasted your money by purchasing them.

So, why would MTG print these useless cards with no value whatsoever in the game? The answer is simple- there can’t be any good cards without bad and useless cards. All the cards, including the so called useless ones, play a fundamental role in the game and they add to the competitive aspect of the game. Either way, this will not justify that the following cards are nothing but a bunch of useless pieces that will leave you murmuring profanities to yourself about wasting your hard earned money.

MTG – Top 10 Worst Magic: The Gathering Cards Ever Printed 


Why would anyone bother printing a card whose sole importance in a game is to counter an opponent’s sideboard card which the opponent might end up not using at all? Besides this attribute, the moonlight is utterly useless and you will not get to use it in the game. The most appalling thing about this card, is the fact that it is considered a rare. To date, in my 20 years playing MTG, I have never understood why this card is considered a rare.

Great wall 

Printed to counter another equally useless card from an equally poor set, Great wall was meant to counter Righteous Avengers. Back it, this card was considered a waste of resources because it was meant to block creatures with Plainswalk which happened to be the Righteous Avengers. Although a few more creatures in print with Plainswalk were introduced in the game after a few years, the Great wall remains useless and it fully deserves its spot on this list.

Break Open

Just like Great Wall above, this card was created to counter against one of the worst cards (which we will review later on in the list- it’s that bad). This card un-morphs your opponent’s cast creatures and turns them from vanilla 2/2s into better creatures which basically gives your opponent an upper hand. The only card that the Break Open is ‘better than’ in a game situation, is the Scornful Egotist which as we have already mentioned, is useless and will most likely not be used by your opponent.

Wood elemental 

Universally voted as the worst creature in MTG history, this card adds no value either as a single or in a combo. The Four manna card’s only privilege is to sacrifice your untapped forest to cast a 1/1 weenie. How awful can it get? Considering that the card is green which is famous for having the best creatures, it is a waste of ink and design time.

Scornful egotist 

As we mentioned earlier on, the Scornful egotist, is impotent and its usability within the game is limited. Its only positive attribute, is its ability to morph and perhaps its high cost casting spells. The morph ability lets you to avoid paying the high cost which is ethically considered wrong- the egotistical wizard is a cheat.

Viashino Skeleton 

Besides the card’s usability in a casual Hellbent deck, the card is fairly useless. Even in scenarios where it should be useful on paper, it struggles to give you any form of competitive edge and is therefore nothing but a waste.


A lot of people don’t really think that Camel deserves all the bashing that it gets but in my opinion, it was only useful back when Arabian Nights was still a thing. Beyond Arabian Nights, Camel became a liability to anyone intending to use it in a competitive deck.

Trait Doctoring 

What do you call a card whose notable ability is text changing? The text changing concept in itself was and still is mediocre in the MTG gaming scene and there was no way whatsoever that a card whose sole ability was text changing, was ever going to be useful in the game.

Sorrow’s path 

The amount of sorrow that this card brings to its owner, is unquantifiable to say the least. Not only does the Sorrow’s path have a weak effect, it has a painful kickback which might end up costing the player some important blocking creatures. It is no surprise therefore that the card has found its way to the top of this list.