Top 10 Places to Sell Magic the Gathering Cards

Top 10 Places to Sell Magic the Gathering Cards 150 150 Tony Guo

Top 10 Places to Sell Magic the Gathering Cards

Magic the Gathering is the forerunner of card games in the collectible card games genre of gaming. With a worldwide participation and fan base, Magic the Gathering provides a global market for Magic cards. Most articles on this topic either entail information about the different Magic Cards in the market or how to sell Magic Cards. You may know all these by now, but do you know where to sell your Magic Cards? You may be familiar with the common sites such as eBay, TCG Player, and Buy lists, but that limits your avenues to only three areas. Here is a compilation of ten places where you can sell your MTG Cards and boost your money making prospects.

1.    eBay

eBay is perhaps the most popular site to sell your Magic Cards on this list, mostly because it provides the broadest avenue for MTG card buyers and sellers. It is an international online site that provides a global market at the palm of your hands. Once you place a picture and a description of your MTG card on sale your product is made visible to a whole range of potential clients all over the world. eBay however, entails costs such as shipping cost and ad fees. That is a flat rate of 10% final value fee on each item sold and 2.9% flat fee per Paypal transaction. That is why it is advisable to sell only high valued cards in this avenue.

2.    Card Kingdom

The Card Kingdom is an organization that sells Magic the Gathering cards which entails extensive customer services including shipment.  The Card Kingdom, however, has to get their cards from somewhere, and that is where you come in. You can sell your Magic the Gathering cards to the Card Kingdom group just by visiting their site and arranging for the exchange. This avenue gives you a direct sale, but you, however, have to have what they are looking for to make the sale, and rarities are preferred possessions.

3.    Buy lists

Buy listing is another common avenue to sell you MTG cards, which works relatively faster compared to sites such as eBay. Buy lists open your MTG market to reputable companies and not to individuals like you would on other sites. One advantageous aspect about Buy listing is that as the seller you get to keep the total amount of the money you sell it for, you, however, take care of the shipment. Due to the shipment cost again it is not advisable to sell common cards, but rather rare more valuable cards unless the common cards are in bulk.

4.    Card Game Conventions

Card game conventions form the thriving circuit for card game enthusiasts and convention organizers all over the world. Card game conventions attract card gamers, hobbyists, die-hard devotees and even tournament developers among others. To sell your MTG cards, you should target an MTG themed convention at a place near you. That gives you the opportunity of meeting numerous potential customers for your Magic Cards, and all you have to do is show the right card to the right player, fan or fellow seller. One good site to keep up to date with latest proceedings of the MTG gaming world is 

5.    TCG Player

TCG Player is another viral site within the internet that is an avenue for selling MTG cards. It possesses a lot of similarities to eBay including posting a picture and description of your MTG card on sale. For first time users, however, there are restrictions on the number of cards you can put on your listing. This international site is so popular which makes competition very stiff for the small time and first-time sellers. That may cause you to lower your Magic card prices to keep up with the competition.

6.    MTG Tournaments

There is always an MTG tournament somewhere in the world, which attracts not only MTG players both professionals and novices but also MTG enthusiasts. It is like a union of MTG fans and to you as an MTG card seller, a group of potential customers. All you need to do is find the next tournament coming up near you and carry your best sellable cards to your area of business. Again is one site that can be quite efficient in providing this information before the event.   

7. is a social site for MTG enthusiasts, payers and most importantly MTG card buyers, who discuss different aspects the game among other MTG stuff. Here people get to describe the kind of cards they are looking for, and if the description happens to match a card that is in your possession, then you are in business.

8.    Local Game Store 

You can find out if your local game store deals in card games, and if it does not then it is not cool enough. You can ask the store owner and sell them your Magic Cards if they are interested in your business. If they do not deal in card games, you can still put posters at the store advertising you MTG cards just in case one of the local gamers happen to be MTG gamers.

9.    Star City Games

Star City Games is another viral site for MTG enthusiasts, with blog posts and updates on MTG events. It provides an avenue for MTG card sellers to access information on the MTG market trends as well as clientele. 

10.    Facebook

Everyone has a Facebook account and the added tweak that enabled the creation of Facebook groups has enabled many MTG enthusiasts to form Facebook groups where they can discuss MTG events among other upcoming issues on the game. Join your local Facebook group and use it as an avenue to sell your MTG cards.