Top 10 Best Most Powerful Magic The Gathering Decks of All Time

Top 10 Best Most Powerful Magic The Gathering Decks of All Time

Top 10 Best Most Powerful Magic The Gathering Decks of All Time 1024 702 Tony Guo

What are some of the most powerful decks ever released in the history of Magic the Gathering? What are some of the most memorable and iconic decks in the history of the game? Today, we want to roll back the years and review some of the decks in MTG which were universally acclaimed as the best in the history of the game.

So, how did we come up with the ranking? What factors did we use to rank the decks? Well, besides our own presuppositions and bias as MTG players, we will look at the deck’s edge and appropriateness in various formats and the deck’s chances of helping a player win a game a tournament back when it was still in operation. Above all, we will look at the legacy which the deck left behind once it was no-longer in circulation. Here are MTG Lion’s top 10 most powerful decks ever released in MTG history;

Top 10 Best/Most Powerful Magic: The Gathering Decks of All Time!

Call blade 

This deck had one of the most devastating effects ever seen in the history of MTG. In its prime, Call Blade is thought to have reduced the number of people going to tournaments by more than 40% and this was because of the sense of invincibility that it gave those players that played the deck. A consistent and fast deck, Call Blade seemed to have all the answers to the challenges that your opponents presented to you.

Hulk Flash 

Dominant in the legacy scene back in 2007, this is arguably one of the best decks ever in MTG. Flash was banned in 2007 around March having made just one grand prix appearance and having been used for just about 3 months. It was universally agreed that the deck’s errata (initially the deck only put the creature straight to the graveyard) be removed making it a two manna instant speed spell that let you enjoy the enters- and leaves-play triggers for whatever creature in your possession.

Miracle Grow 

In its prime back in the day, Miracle Grow devastated any black-green decks and obliterated any red decks which is why this deck has earned a position on this esteemed list. The core strategy of this deck was to woo and walk your opponent into an expensive play and use the winter orb’s powers to lock the opponent down and then attack with the Quirion dryad offensive prowess. The tournament crusher was in operation for just a little under a year but its legacy lives on to date.

High tide 

Famed for its consistency, High Tide had one of the most basic strategies in Standard yet it was so effective. The aim is to consistently double up your manna from the islands and use half that manna to cast the ‘free spells’ to untap the lands and earn more manna. A single cast of the Stroke of genius card targeting your opponent would mill them easily to death. Simple but very effective.


Named after the man who plated it in Atlanta at a Pro Tour Qualifier back in 1996, Sligh is arguably the most iconic and successful red deck ever seen in Magic the Gathering. Debuted at a time when MTG was beginning to gain some traction on the gaming scene, it was a deck intended at taking advantage of economies of scale in mana points. The strategy behind the deck was trying to maximize the chances of utilizing ever point of mana that every single turn was able to generate. The deck featured some of the most iconic cards in the history of the game and its legacy lives on to date.

Thopter Depths 

Besides this decks powers and spells in the game, its visuals and general design of the cards which were contained in the deck, were phenomenal. This extended version powerhouse, was dominant in the early months of 2010 and it was in circulation for more than 4 years. The reason why this deck was so powerful, was because your opponents had to find a way to beat both dark depths enabled by Vampire Hexinage and Thopter Foundry enabled by Sword of the Meek. There was no card combination or strategy whatsoever that would consistently beat this deck and that is why its legacy lived for so long.


Just when we thought we had seen the best deck in Extended in Thopter Depths, in came tricks with powerful draw engines like Necropotence and Demonic Consultation. The deck was absurdly consistent and in its six months or so of existence, it wreaked havoc in tournaments.

Flash Hawk 

In circulation for a little over two months and only used in one grand prix, Flash Hawk worked on the principal of sacrificing your less powerful cards while luring your opponent into a death end. With the deck’s Protein Hawk being so powerful, you could afford to sacrifice cards such as the Carrion Feeder and the Karmic Guide.

Weitz’s Academy 

Anyone who disputes this decks spot on top of the pile, didn’t get to enjoy it in its prime or is simply biased. This was a deck so good that it threatened the existence of competition in MTG. With this deck, nothing was impossible literally. With the game’s most powerful card in the history of the game (Tolarian Academy) this decks powers don’t come as a surprise. On its own, the Tolarian Academy would generate an unreal amount of manna which is an obvious tool in the game. You could counter spells, cast your real impulses easily, counter windfalls and just about anything to refuel your hand. The deck was in operation in 1998 and it took the banishment of the Tolarian academy for the deck to lose its powers but its legacy lives on forever.