Speculating commons/uncommons

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Speculating commons/uncommons

I am always happy to pm and respond to comments and even make videos if you guys have something you want to discuss.  Recently I received a few PMs requesting me to go into more detail about a video where I said you could be very successful speculating commons and uncommons.

I made a video and watched it.  It was too similar to the video I already posted and there was not enough math.  For math’s sake, a written article is much better.

Let’s take a look at two uncommon I speculated heavy in.

Intangible Virtue:

I brought in at .50 and now they are 1.50.  That is a 200% increase.

Lingering Souls:

I brought in at 1.50 and now they are 2.50.  That is a 66% increase.

Elvish Spirit Guide (old school)

I brought in at 1.00 and now they are 5.00.  That is a 400% increase.

Now let’s look at some commons

Lava Spike:

Brought in at .50 and now they are 2.00.  That is a 300% increase.

Black Cat:

Brought in at .10 and now they are .10… No increase.

Lightning Bolt:

Brought in at .50 and now they are 1.00.  That is a 100% increase.

Faithless Looting

Brought in at .25 and now they are .75.  That is a 200% increase.

Sounds good right…

I also have many copies of cards that I may never use again and that did not rise in price at all.

When speculating commons and uncommons pick something you can live with a lot of.  That is my philosophy.  If the card becomes unmovable will I still be okay holding onto that many copies?

Now onto what you are waiting for, my picks.

If you can get these cheap I would


The Charm Cycle


Tormented Souls

Innistrad Block:

Desperate Ravings

Tracker’s Instincts

Faithless Looting

Lingering Souls

Intangible Virtue

Scars Block:

The cycle of 2 life Cards (like gut shot)

Galvanic Blast

Zendikar Block:

Steppe Lynx

Plated Geopede

Burst Lightning

Shards Block:

Bloodbraid Elf


There are many more.  You can always ask in the comments or PM.