See the Real Locations From the Hit Anime Movie Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)

See the Real Locations from the Hit Anime Movie “Kimi No Na Wa” (Your Name)

See the Real Locations from the Hit Anime Movie “Kimi No Na Wa” (Your Name) 896 568 Tony Guo

See the Real Locations from the Hit Anime Movie “Kimi No Na Wa” (Your Name)

Kimi No Na Wa is a Japanese animated film within the genre of science fiction that premiered in Japan in August 2016. The narrative is about two high school students, a boy and a girl, who live in separate parts of Japan and are in need of a break from the everyday patterns in their lives. The girl, Mitsuha, resides in the countryside at Itimori, but she desires to live in the city for she is not content with the life in a small town. The boy, Taki, on the other hand, lives in Tokyo and works part time in an Italian restaurant and feels the need for a change of pace in his life.

One day Mitsuha has a dream being a high school boy in Tokyo, where as Taki dreams of being a high school girl in a school in the mountains. These dreams turn out to be more than just dreams, and the two happen to switch bodies and get to live in each other’s worlds. They then form a friendly relationship as they exchange notes and memos. Mitsuha’s last note tells Taki of a comet that is expected to pass over the earth on the day of her town festival. The comet hits earth instead for the first time in a thousand years.

This anime has become popular to an audience of all ages after its premier in Japan and will increase this popularity after it is released in 85 other countries as scheduled. Its popularity is not only due to its fascinating narrative but also the captivating graphic design which are the works of Makoto Shinkai. One of the most captivating factors about Shinkai’s graphic design of this anime is the use of Japan’s beautiful landmarks. This aspect not only gives the Japanese audience a relatable sense of home but also gives the foreign audience a sense of Japan’s beautiful architecture and landscapes which are picturesque and admittedly quite impressive.

The following are the Japanese landmarks that were used in the popular anime Kimi No Na Wa courtesy of MTG Lion.

NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building- Tokyo

This majestic landmark is a theatre in Shinanomachi, which was used for sunrise in an opening scene of the anime. Its address is Minamimotomachi, Shinjuku ward, Tokyo. It is a one minute walk from the Shinanomachi station.

Pedestrian Bridge at Shinanomachi Station- Tokyo

This beautiful yet simple location with the simplified architecture and a beautiful leafy background is located at Shinanomachi Station. It is seen at the scene where Taki calls Mitsuha. Its address, just like the NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building is Minamimotomachi, Shinjuku ward, Tokyo and just like the former, it is a minute’s walk from the Shinanomachi Station.

Sugar Shrine- Tokyo

The Sugar shrine in the anime was given a little tweak, but it still maintained its touch. The location is in Tokyo, and it depicts the vintage style architecture of the city’s old structures. The location was used in the anime’s last scene when Taki and Mitsuha pass each other at the stairs. The locations address is: 5-6 Sugacho, Shinjuku ward, Tokyo and is accessible by a 10 minute walk from Shinanomachi station.

The Underpass In Shinjuku- Tokyo

This intersection is a beautiful scenery, especially for the Tokyo nightlife. It is located in Nishi-shinjuku and was used in the anime’s first trailer. This underpass’s address is: Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku ward, Tokyo and is accessible by a ten minute walk from Shinjuku station or a three minute walk from Nishi-shinjuku station.

The National Art Center Tokyo- Tokyo

This majestic and uniquely designed structure is located in Roppongi. In the anime it is the building with the Italian restaurant in which Taki works at; located on the third floor and is known as “Brasserie Paul Bocuse Le Musee.” It is used in the scene where Taki takes Miki on a lunch date. The location’s address is: 7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato ward, Tokyo and is accessible by a minute’s walk from Nogizaka Station.

Aogashima Island- Tokyo

Aogashima is a volcanic island which in the anime is said to be a model area of one part of Itimori Town. It is quite a significant region for the main characters narrative even though it is very remote making it hard for them to access. Only one, nine passenger seat helicopter can get people to this island according to the narrative. The decision to go by boat gives you a 50% chance of survival given the lack of beaches and natural bays at the island. In the real world, the Aogashima Island is accessible by plane using ANA for a 55 minute flight for 11,000 Yen or an 11 hour boat ride. 

Hida-Sannogu Hie Shrine- Gifu

This shrine which is located in Gifu was used as a symbolic Itimori shrine as the model for the Miyamizu in the story. It is used in the scene where Mitsuha performs a traditional Japanese dance with her little sister. The actual shrine is used for the Takayama festival which is a huge Japanese festival. Its address is: 156 Shiroyama, Tafayama, Gifu prefecture which is accessible by a 25 minute walk from JR Takayama station.

There you have it, the locations from the spectacular anime movie Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name).