Pokémon TCG vs Yugioh TCG: Top 10 Differences

Pokémon TCG vs Yugioh TCG: Top 10 Differences 1024 621 Tony Guo

Pokémon TCG vs Yugioh TCG: Top 10 Differences

Pokémon and Yugioh trading card games, TCG, are two of the most popular collectible card games around. These card games have seen their popularity skyrocket over the last couple of years as they have spread to places where the people didn’t know about them and broke new ground. This is a testament to how engrossing these games as their popularity continues to soar as more and more people get to know more about it. Although these two games are from the same category, they are actually quite different and this article will look to highlight ten of the top differences between them.

Differences in design. This is one of those differences that is apparent when physically look at the cards of the two card games. This is because Pokémon’s cards are mostly of iconic characters such as Pikachu, Charizard, Rayquaza and so much more. This is probably where Pokémon has an edge on Yugioh, just by physically looking at the cards and it is one of the major differences.

Differences in set rotation. This is another major difference. In a nut shell, once sets are rotated in Pokémon, then the deck of cards literally become useless. This means that you can only use decks for a limited period of time with rotation being done sometimes within months. This is something that can even see you disqualified from Pokémon tournaments and it is one that players find really annoying. This is of course not the case for Yugioh which has no such restrictions making this yet another top difference.

Differences in costs and prices. Players will attest to this that when getting started on Yugioh and buying all that you need to get going then you will find that it a lot more expensive than when getting started on Pokémon. This means that even a highly competitive deck for Pokémon can still be cheaper than your average Yugioh deck. It has to be like this so as to interact with the previously discussed feature called set rotation since Pokémon sets are rotated regularly and they therefore have to be cheaper to counteract this. This however is a major difference between these two trading card games.

Difference when looking at the number of variations of the same card. While as discussed earlier Pokémon has a lot more iconic characters that translate to a lot more iconic cards than Yugioh, another thing that sets apart these two TCG is the fact that unlike Yugioh, in Pokémon there are a lot more variations of the same card. This means for a card like Pikachu, there might be a number of different variations of the same card. They also have limited edition variations of the same card. The fact that this is not the case when it comes to Yugioh makes this another top difference between the two.

Differences in pull card ratio. This is yet another top difference between the Pokémon and Yugioh TCG that becomes apparent when you have played both this games. You will find out that you are highly likely good cards when playing Pokémon TCG than when playing Yugioh TCG. This means that building a great deck is that little bit easier on Pokémon than it is on Yugioh, another major difference.

Difference in deck variety. This is not the same as the difference discussed above on variations of the same card. Even though there are a lot of cards on Pokémon as compared to Yugioh, since most of them are variations of the same card means that it does lack variety as compared to Yugioh. Given that Yugioh don’t have variations of the same card means that each card is different and makes the decks have more variety.

Difference in difficulty levels. Those that have played these two collectible card games may have a noted that there is a difference in difficulty levels between these two. It is clear that playing Yugioh is relatively easier when compared to playing Pokémon. This is because it is much more complicated to play Pokémon as compared to Yugioh.

Differences in their relationships with their respective anime. This is yet another pretty obvious difference. This is because when you watch the Pokémon anime, you will find that there are virtually no parallels with the TCG. This means you are unlikely to learn anything that helps you with gameplay. On the other hand, the Yugioh anime does make references to the TCG and you can definitely learn a thing or two from watching the anime that could elevate your gameplay.

Differences in strategies. Another top difference has to do with strategizing whereby, given that Yugioh is all about how your decks work together so as to help you win makes it a lot more reliable on strategy as compared to Pokémon which though may have a lot of complexities, it is not as strategy intensive.

Differences in number of rules. Another top difference worth pointing out is one which players know very well and that is Pokémon TCG has a lot more rules to master as compared to Yugioh TCG. This is because you have to master things like prize cards, energy cards, trainer cards and many other facets that need mastering making this another difference worth noting.

The above ten differences barely scratch the surface when talking about these two and for more on this ensure you visit mtglion.com.