MTG Build around me cards Top 10

MTG Build around me cards – Top 10

MTG Build around me cards – Top 10 1024 706 Tony Guo

MTG Build around me cards – Top 10

These are cards that are very specific in terms of the cards that can be built around them when forming your deck. The popularity of Build Around Me cards has hailed from the need to have different strategies during gameplay and as an MTG player, the role of strategic approach cannot be stressed enough. Build Around Me cards stand as the central card that determine the success of your deck. It is a card that has to influence the other cards built around it. A Build Around Me card requires a deck tuned to its strengths to facilitate interesting gameplay. The deck to be built around a specific card has varied angles of being put together but should be modern to enhance gameplay. For more on Build Around Me cards, is the platform to visit but here is a snippet of the top 10 Build Around Me cards you can look to impact gameplay with. 

Elspeth Tirel   

This is a powerful card if used right. With the power to control creatures, she is an absolute winner when it comes to control decks and can offer you varied angles of play when your opponent is using a control deck.

Scroll Thief

When you build the right deck around this card, you get to establish a super deck with spare blockers. The power and operational advantage of blockers cannot be stressed enough and this is why this card offers a great advantage as a Build Around Me card. The beauty with Scroll Thief is that you can easily blend it with a varied set of decks which makes the card multifaceted as far as gameplay is concerned.


This card allows artefacts to be cast which is an important angle in play. The trick is to pair this card with a deck that generates advantages during gameplay like Golem. When you do this, you will ultimately have some flexibility and operational ease since you will be left with plenty of options to choose from. 

Mass Polymorph

You get more value and immediate benefits with this card and the prospects are enticing when you match the card with a deck that plays to its strengths. Mass Polymorph is not a favorite among most players but as a Build Around Me card, it can sure offer you a different angle of gameplay.   

Burning vengeance

If you prefer an element of surprise, Burning Vengeance is your choice card to build a deck around. It allows you to play cards from the graveyard and get all the flashcards possible. It also lets you venture into new territory and get out of your comfort zone which is a great way to tune yourself for greater challenges. 


The upside to building you deck around this card is that you get free creatures. Important creatures are only on the premium and what if you could get them for free? This is exactly what Goblinslide provides. What’s more, you get additional colorless mana which is quite impressive when you wish to make an impact on a game. An aggressive deck is the best fit for this card as it will enable you have a better grasp of the game.     

Quiet contemplation

If you are a strategic thinker, Quiet Contemplation is the card to take advantage of. It freezes creatures for a turn cycle which stifles your opponent. In actual fact, when it is timed perfectly, it is a very powerful gameplay move as it will give you an upper hand. 

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

This is one of the best cards to utilize when considering interesting gameplay. Planning a surprise on your opponent? Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is the card to build your deck around. It allows you to fill the graveyard and dump the cards an opponent has which grows your stature in the game over time which is a huge advantage to have.   

Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas 

MTG lovers can appreciate the value of being able to control artifacts and this is the exact power that this card offers. With inch-perfect timing and strategy, this card can offer you an element of surprise when dealing with any deck. Much has been said of this card individually but the value it has when an effective deck has been built around it is undeniable and this advantage is what should be targeted. 

Ghost way

This is the ultimate Build Around Me card when you wish to play around with your deck by removing creatures you control. The seamless option of getting the creatures back at the conclusion of the turn gives you plenty more options and this is what can allow you to impact a game as and when you need to. Ghost Way is a unique card that you can build around and enjoy varied benefits.