Magic the Gathering vs. Hearthstone

Magic the Gathering vs. Hearthstone 150 150 Tony Guo

Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone have always been compared to the world of card games. While many say that the mechanic is better in Magic or that Hearthstone needs a keyword, Hearthstone has experienced some explosive growth compared to its rival. Which MTG continues to dominate in the physical world, its virtual version still pales in comparison to Hearthstone. Things are likely to change with the release of MTG Arena (

The Pricing Model

One of the things that as traditionally put Hearthstone ahead of Magic is money. Most players do not have the money to invest in online CCG games. Even those who do will not feel like they want to. People consider card games to be a free hobby and introducing cost acts as a barrier.

That is one area where Magic has dropped the ball. For instance, playing Magic Online will cost $9.99 for one account. This account only has one package for each player. Besides that, many in-game purchases can just be made with real money.

It is different to Hearthstone, which allows the use of in-game gold given as a reward for various actions. If you wanted to play Hearthstone free, you could start with the collection of enough gold at the start of the game. However, Magic has recently caught on to this with their release of MTG Arena.

The Magic physical game is also quite expensive. For aspiring players, the entry cost is usually quite high. Ni fact, some of its decks go for thousands of dollars. However, Hearthstone’s most expensive pack will only cost you $200. Besides that, Magic often rotates cards in and out of validity. It makes players unable to use some of their cards.

The Magic Online platform was launched in 2002; it had reached 300,000 accounts by 2007. However, Hearthstone was released online in March 2014 and May 2015; the company announced it had 30 million players. However, Magic is still the king of CCG in the physical world.

The Rules

Most of the game Mechanics used by Hearthstone come from Magic. For instance, they both have similarities such as being able to draw creatures, a resource pool to replenish yourself, and the objective is to get the opponent’s life points to zero. However, although the basics are similar, Magic has ten times more rules. It has Mechanics all over, and keywords are continually being created.

Just by checking the rules, it is easy to see why Hearthstone’s entry barrier is so much lower. To learn Magic, it can take a while. However, Hearthstone is quite accessible to learn. However, both of them require players to invest quite a lot of time just to understand the rules of the game.

It will require that you study these compound words and use in the game before you can get used to them. Besides that, keep in minds that new terms are always being introduced.

The Mana Issue

For you to play other cards, you will need to draw lands in order. If you are not able to draw lands, you cannot play cards no matter how powerful they may be. Besides that, it presents a problem when you keep drawing lands but have no cards to play.

When playing Hearthstone, you do not need to worry about Mana. In each turn, you get one Mana until you hit the maximum ten mana. Besides that, you are allowed to keep a three mana cost card, which you use on turn 3 or 2 with a coin. In magic, the risk-reward system is unstable.


While Magic excels in some areas that Hearthstone lacks, other would like to say that Hearthstone is still growing. Blizzard has done a great job to make Hearthstone accessible to players of all ages and capabilities. However, Magic is not that far behind; it has made some significant revelations in recent months. It is quite clear that it intends to take Hearthstone head on and make gains online. For most Hardcore CCG gamers, Magic will remain the platform of choice because of the complexity they have to offer.

Despite that, Magic needs to adapt to the digital environment. It is evident that their barrier to entry is set to high. While it will not have a problem retaining its most loyal fans, sometime in the future, it could run out of relevance because of lack of new ones. The result might be that it lacks some of the resources needed to bring in new products to the market for its players.

Right now Hearthstone is setting all the standards on gameplay, animations, cost, and other entry barriers. However, we can all agree that a bit of competition is good In recent months MTG has responded to the need for lower entry barriers with the release of MTG Arena This free-to-play game is what everyone needs to try if they like MTG but do not have money to spend.