Magic the Gathering Online: Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

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Magic the Gathering Online: Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

Created by Richard Garfield and released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast, Magic the Gathering is one of the most popular collectible and digital collectible card games out there. It was the first of its kind making it a pioneer in this field, and the numbers in terms of players, as per, speaks to its popularity. With the advancement of technology, and the evolving of the gaming world to digital and online platforms meant that Magic the Gathering had to adopt to stay with the times. This is where Magic the Gathering online came in, which is pretty much the video game adaptation of the original Magic the Gathering. The creators were keen to preserve the collectible card game aspect of the game and they incorporated the concept of a virtual economy to ensure this was achieved. It was also the first of its kind to officially go digital when it was launched way back in 2002, yet again breaking new ground in this field. This article will look to delve deeply into the digital version of the game, Magic the Gathering Online, with being your best bet to get your hands on it if you are looking for a Magic the Gathering store near you.

To get started on Magic the Gathering online, the first thing you will need to do is download the game’s client after which you will be required to create an account by signing up using the prompts provided, with help regarding the same to be found over at After signing up, there are a number of things about the game you need to be familiar with. As a new player, you start with 20 new player points as well as 5 new avatars which can be used for one’s profile picture. New players will also get a bunch of cards which, although they may not be of a high caliber and significant value, they will come in handy as you try to get your feet under the table and familiarize yourself with the system and game. While at it, you should also familiarize yourself with the concept of player points as well as event tickets, with the latter key when it comes to entering tournaments, all of which are covered in detail over at Another thing new players should familiarize themselves with is the aspect of bot credit which are basically certificates on bots as well as treasure chests, which in certain events are awarded as prizes.

The next aspect we are going to look at as far as Magic the Gathering Online is concerned has to do with it economy. It plays a very important role in obtaining cards as well as booster packs to play the game with. Event tickets also known as Tix, are the game’s primary currency which can be purchased by visiting the Magic the Gathering Online store with other available avenues being through well-known secondary market dealer and the third option being very much frowned upon by industry experts such as as it involves purchasing from unknown users on the Online store and as such it comes with the risk of buying fraudulent tickets. The same applies to the selling of event tickets. Shifting gears, the next thing we shall look at is how to manage your collection as far as cards go. Using the collection screen will enable one to be able to build and edit their saved decks. One can get cards onto their collection either through trading or opening product with the latter not being preferred. Trading of cards nowadays is done with the help of bots which help in buying, selling, trading and giving away of cards which means that they come in a number of types namely  free bots, trade bots, for trading, buy bots as well as sell bots, all of which are discussed in detail over at

When it comes to actually playing Magic the Gathering online, there are two avenues available; either in events or outside events. Play outside of events is free excluding the cost to purchase the cards you will play with, with the skill level you choose determining the types of decks and opponents you play against. Play in events on the other hand is not free, as covered over at, as it will cost you to join the events although, by joining them you will be able to compete against some of the best players in the world. Playing the game requires one to practice a lot since, unlike in the original game, here actions such as un-tap step, stack management and triggered abilities are automatically processed which takes some getting used to. You should also be familiar with the hotkeys which will save time and allow one to play efficiently, with more on these hotkeys to be found over at

The above are some of the basics as far as Magic the Gathering online goes, with more on the same to be found over at If you are looking for a Magic the Gathering online store near you, then is the best option there is out there.