Magic the Gathering Arena Decks: Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

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Magic the Gathering Arena Decks: Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

Magic the Gathering is one of the most popular collectible and digital collectible card games out there with the fact that it has a player base of over 20 million people from all over the world, serving to drive this point home. The game has gone from strength to strength over the years, taking in a number of changes including changes to rules, introduction of new decks as well as that of competitive tournaments, with more on such to be found over at The basics of the game involves casting a player as a magic-user of great power who can be able to summon creatures, cast spells and use those to attack opposing players as covered over at; with the game coming with a certain simplicity on what it is about that has helped in making it popular. Gaming as an industry has started to move into the digital space and that has meant games have had to adjust. Magic the Gathering Arena is one of those ways through which Magic the Gathering adjusted and it is one of the most popular games out there. As far as the game goes, decks and especially building them can be quite tough, this article will look to demystify decks and deck building in Magic the Gathering Arena.

As far as decks go in Magic the Gathering Arena, the first thing you need to take a look at is the cards you have available to you and their cost. As covered over at, costs of cards in the game are exclusively determined by the rarity of the cards which means it is easier to build a deck of mostly commons and uncommons as opposed to one that is mostly made up of rares and mythics. You should also ensure the cards in your deck will be standard legal in the future for when cards in the standard constructed format are rotated, which happens every two years. You can also do your research on which decks did well and were undefeated to ensure you build a deck that stands a chance of winning. It is also recommended that you ensure the cards in your deck have synergy, which as is explained by the subject matter experts over at is basically how the cards play together. Another tip is ensuring your deck is made up of mostly one or two colors as many colors make it hard to be successful when playing your deck.

The next thing we are going to look at as far as decks on Magic the Gathering Arena goes is how one proceeds to get the cards they want in their deck. There are two ways to build your deck, one requires time and patience, the other money. The money route basically involves putting up your own money to buy the gems that will then allow you to buy cards for your deck; an avenue that is for those that don’t have the patience to earn their gems the old fashioned way, and one covered in detail over at The other route is for those that have the patience to earn their gems so that they can then use them to buy the cards. You can get cards through packs, ICRs or wild cards. While it is much easier to earn cards through ICRs, the cards you will end up with will not be of the quality you wanted, on the other hand it will take you a considerably longer period to earn cards through wild cards but on the plus side, you will get exactly what you were looking for as far as cards go, as is covered over at; packs fall somewhere between these two extremes.

You can also get your cards by entering quests or events; with the quests route being particularly time consuming with events being a much quicker route to earn your cards, as is discussed by the experts over at The recommended ratio as far as the types of cards in your deck goes is what we will look at next. It is recommended that you have anything between 17 to 24 land, with the number being dependent on the color you choose as well as the makeup and basis of your deck. Picking creatures follows the same principle as you should pick the ones that work with the idea of your deck and complement it, with 20 being a recommended number as far as creatures go. The same number of cards, 20, applies to spells and enchantments while ensuring they are in sync with the rest of your cards in the deck. The folks over at are adamant that while synergy is the key in creating a deck on Magic the Gathering Arena, it shouldn’t mean that you should box yourself into only one strategy. The key is ensuring that they have synergy but still allowing you wiggle room in terms of different paths to victory.

This article is only but the tip of a very big iceberg that is decks in Magic the Gathering Arena, with more to be found over at the ever reliable While at it, you should also remember that as far as Magic the Gathering stores near you go, is the cream of the crop and you should definitely check them out.