Is MTG Arena free? Magic the gathering stores near me

Is MTG Arena free? Magic the gathering stores near me 1024 648 Tony Guo

Is MTG Arena free? Magic the gathering stores near me 

MTG Arena is causing waves across the card trading gaming world and to good effect owing to the massive threshold in play. But what is the buzz about? As captured by, MTG Arena has caused ripples due to its growth capacity and the immersive nature of gameplay. Released September of 2017, it is worth noting that the extent of play has already exceeded the expectations that developers had and it is what is transforming it into a fans favorite early in its reign. What’s more? It has been announced that as of March 28TH 2019, the game will have its own custom tournament “Mythic Invitational” with a $1,000,000 prize and this cements the game’s status as a household name for MTG lovers. 

Understanding MTG Arena 

MTGA is a free-to-play digital collectible card game and is arguably ranked as the top digital adaptation of the MTG card game yet. Gameplay lovers and professional MTG enthusiasts including are given the chance to gain cards through booster packs, purchases and achievements during gameplay. What makes MTG Arena a lovable adaptation is the fact that you get to build your own decks under the same rules as with the physical card game. With this, you can rest assured that the game supports both constructed deck play and draft play which offer some flexibility in the type and structure of game you will want to utilize. 

What MTG Arena is toned towards is a focus on the newest cards and game modes available. As captured by most reviews and detailed insights from, MTGA revolutionizes the modern method of playing MTG using a computer. The fact that there are exclusive cards to Magic The Gathering Arena is sure to be a welcome surprise to MTG lovers since it brings a whole new meaning to the surprise and thrill of gameplay. The cards exclusive to MTG Arena include Angelic Reward, Confront the Assault, Inspiring Commander, Spiritual Guardian and Tactical Advantage all which are available in Standard setting. 

Is MTG Arena free?

As mentioned earlier, MTG Arena is free to play but the aspect of gameplay is supported by micro-transactions that make the game workable. You have the option to use real world currency to buy gems which are the in-game currency that enables you buy booster packs or simply gain you entry to events whether Draft or Constructed. 

It is worth noting that capture the free play modes with distinct versions to choose from. You can opt for the Best-of-One matches that start at beginner rank advancing through the stages with the starting one being Bronze that consequently advances to Diamond. Mythic is the top rank you can achieve during your gameplay. Best-of-Three Matches with side-boarding are also an option for you as they provide an extensive variation to your game. 

Aspects of gameplay

MTG Arena gameplay features full card sets in Standard with 1000 new cards added annually which is set to be a huge plus since it means the structure and technical angle of the game will always keep improving. As reported by and other reputable MTG platforms, the game is free-to-play but certain gameplay structures require in-game currencies. Gems are the provided pay-to-play currency and with a minimum of $4.99, you can get access to 750 gems to aid your play. You can also choose to purchase packs that will guarantee you up to 20,000 gems for a sum of $99.99. what’s more? play rewards are also utilizable when you need to customize your gameplay by adding new cards and decks. 

An interesting side of play with MTG Arena are the Events. According to, Events offer you a competitive format of gameplay with an entry fee in the form of gold or gems.  

With Constructed Events you can enter the competitive field by parting with 500 gold or 95 gems which qualify you to take part in Best-of-One matches. You may also opt for the Traditional Constructed Events that will demand some 1,000 gold or 190 gems which provide you entry to participate in Best-of-three matches with side-boarding as captured by 

With Draft Events, the gameplay takes a curious turn and in this, you will need some 5,000 gold or 750 gems to participate in Best-of-One matches. One of the popular modes in Draft Events is the Traditional Draft that will set you back some 1,500 gems that will gain you entry to some engaging Best-of-three matches with side-boarding.  

Apart from the Constructed and Draft Events, reports that you can also opt for the Limited Time Events that will accentuate your experience within the game. 

Brewers Delight is one of the Limited Time Events you can take part in and requires some 250 gold or 50 gems that will allow you to have Best-of-Three matches with opponents. Singleton is another mode in Limited Time Events that requires you to part with 500 gold or 95 gem as reviewed by an interesting mode to take note of is Pauper which is a Free to play mode where you get to play Best-of-One matches. Another mode you can look forward to is Momir’s Madness which requires you to part with 500 gold or 95 gems to take part in Best-of-One matches. Of the Limited Time Events available, Sealed is arguably outstanding as noted by as it requires 2,000 gems that guarantee you access to play Best-of-One matches with gameplay involving the use of decks with a minimum of 40 cards.