Is MTG Arena F2P? Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

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Is MTG Arena F2P? Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

Within the gaming community, there is no bigger or more popular collectible card game than Magic the Gathering. It was the very first game of its kind when it was created by Richard Garfield and released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast, with more on its history to be found over at, and it has maintained its place at the top over the almost 26 years it has been in existence since. One of the reasons why it has remained relevant and on top has partly to do with its simple yet engaging storyline as well as the fact that the game has over the years made changes and adapted to reflect the changing gaming environment as well as the changing needs of gamers. One of these changes was brought about by a need to ensure that as the gaming world shifted more to a digital platform, the game didn’t get left behind. This is why they released MTG Arena, which judging by its reception among the game’s fans, it was a great move. As is discussed over at, MTG Arena is free to download and begin to play, but is it truly F2P? well, this article will look to delve more into this topic and attempt to answer this question.

As is mentioned above, and discussed in detail over at, MTG Arena is free-to-play which means it will cost you absolutely nothing to download it and begin playing. However, it has an in-game currency, and as is common with such games, you can either earn the currency, known as gems, as a reward when playing and winning matches in draft mode, or you can decide to spend your own real-world cash to buy them and use them. This means that while playing the game, players have got two options, they can either use their own money to give them a helping hand while playing the game by purchasing the gems or they can decide to play the game as F2P, which is time consuming but can be quite rewarding. As is covered in detail over at, it may be possible to be able to play MTG Arena as completely F2P, however for you to be successful in it you will need to maximize your output in terms of daily quests, constructed and draft plays, which is not always possible especially if you factor in the amount of gold earned per day as compared to the work put in.

The experts over at argue that due to the fact that there is a cap in the amount of gold you can get each day through the daily quests, it makes playing MTG Arena F2P quite challenging and that is probably why even those who would want to play it F2P are inclined to play it on a limited budget that would at least help in giving playing the game the push they require. One of the reasons that folks find themselves abandoning their dream of playing the game F2P is due to the state of Standard. You will find that if you want to build a tier midrange deck, then you will have to put up some of your real-world cash and buy the gem option that will enable you buy 45 boosters for your deck, with all the information on the gem options to be found over at The current of Standard means that you will not be able to build a deck that has enough rare and mythic rare wildcards without spending some real-world money since the gems earned by only playing the game F2P will most likely not be enough. While you may be able to convince yourself that playing the game F2P is possible, the current state of Standard will be the one that will probably make you want to change your mind.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t play the game completely F2P, it just means you will require great patience and skills in deck building to do so, as per the subject matter experts over at You can be able to use your starting collection of 15 decks to build three decks that will be quite competitive when going up against other players. From your starting collection, you can be able to build a mono-red aggro which is pretty easy to build in MTG Arena as it requires only 9 commons, 4 uncommons, 12 rares and 1 mythic rare. Another deck you can build is the Selesnya tokens which is a pretty solid deck which will bring you the popular mythic rare, History of Benalia, to your collection. The third deck you will be able to build from your starting collection is the Dimir Control which is a control deck, with information on the cards which all these three decks comprise of to be found over at

This discussion, with more on the same to be found over at, shows that you can be able to still build competitive decks when playing the game F2P, but you will have to put in work, especially in acquiring the required rares and mythic rares. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a Magic the Gathering store near you, is the best out there and one you should check out.