Is Frozen Overrated?

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Is Frozen Overrated?

There can be no denying that Frozen, in terms of numbers at least, was one of the best Disney animated movies in recent history. This is evident in how popular it was when it came out in November of 2013; so much so that it was all folks could talk about for weeks upon months. Everyone was either talking about the movie, the characters, was talking about or singing songs from the movie or had merchandise from the movie, with the Olaf stuffed animal and Elsa doll being particularly popular as is revealed in related discussions over at The numbers backed this up as well as not only did Frozen receive lots of critical acclaim, it put up unprecedented numbers in the global box office, where it was up until recently the highest grossing Disney animated movie of all time. All this has led to Frozen being treated as animation movie royalty, but is it really? It has been put up on a pedestal alongside Disney masterpieces and legendary animated films such as Aladdin, Lion King and Beauty and the Beast just to name a few, all of which are covered in detail over at There are those that think the film to be massively overrated, especially when compared to some of the films I’ve just name checked above. There are definitely reasons that support this claim and this article will look to get into them in a bid to show that Frozen was actually massively overrated.

One of the reasons why many think Frozen is overrated is due to the fact that the plot development in the movie falls way below the standards you would expect from such a highly rated movie. As is discussed in detail over at, it is difficult to follow the story as the flow is constantly interrupted and the plot moved a long in way that makes it difficult to get into the movie. There are a lot of things that are assumed we know about and the lack of explanation doesn’t help with the plot development. For instance, no one explains to us the importance of the rock trolls, their abilities and why parents go to them for advice, it is just assumed that we know all about them and we are supposed to go along with it. The plot development is way below the standard set by the great animated movies that have come before, and after, Frozen. The plot development is not helped by the support characters who are among the most boring ever in the history of Disney animation movies. Kristoff and Olaf are just plain boring and even annoying when it comes to Olaf, who is not as funny as he may think he is. The way Hans makes a complete 180 from being a nice guy to the villain also makes little sense and kind of seems like it is forced. You would expect better from what is apparently a masterpiece. You can gather more on the characters over at and make up your own mind on them.

The message is also way off which is yet another reason why Frozen is overrated. I mean, the very first message we learn from the movies, as covered over at, is that if there is someone who is different in the family, they should be locked up and separated from the rest. This was the solution Anna and Elsa’s parents had when trying to deal with the fact that they had a daughter who was different and had powers. In fact, as is discussed over at, we could have avoided the whole of this movie, giving a different ending, had there been better parenting from the Queen and King of Arendelle. The two princesses also have nothing on some of classic Disney princesses such as Rapunzel; and they are definitely not as likeable. Elsa for instance is cold and not only ignores her sister, she seems willing to let her kingdom go into ruins for her own selfish reasons. The message portrayed by Elsa that one should run away if they have problems is also not one that should be listened to. The two can’t be compared to say the loving, compassionate Rapunzel hence why the film is overrated.

The singing is also another part of Frozen that is massively overrated. As per the gurus over at, yes the songs were catchy, but most of them make very little sense. Most of them are just pointless and the film could have done without them, with maybe only two or three songs actually progressing the plot. That is basically what songs should be all about; to explain things happening in the plot and hence progress it. The songs in Frozen are a bit of an overkill and actually keep interrupting the flow of the movie, absolutely killing the development of the plot. Frozen has also been mentioned as being one of the most progressive Disney animated movies but we disagree. This is because, as explained over at, the film still perpetrates Disney clichés on how princesses look like and they don’t at all resemble majority of the children out there who will never look like that. It is a bad representation of what beauty is all about with the blonde hair and all. These are just some of the reason why there are those that feel Frozen was overrated.

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