How to find an Anime Job near Me 

How to find an Anime Job near Me 

How to find an Anime Job near Me  1024 612 Tony Guo

How to find an Anime Job near Me 

Anime has become a worldwide craze and the popularity is still growing by the day. Anime as a niche category is attracting interest from many enthusiasts who keep trying to find out how they can find Anime jobs and in turn be a part of the anime revolution. There is no simple answer on how this process can be approached but the greater emphasis should be on being able to identify the avenues to start the journey on. Platforms like have extensively exhausted the avenues to exploit in trying to find an anime job and here are some pointers on the same.

Search job boards

With the craze going around, job boards are sure to be filled with plenty of anime jobs that you can choose form. Indeed and Simply Hired are just but some mentions of the Job boards from where you can land the anime job of choice. The beauty with most job boards is that you can perform filtered searches that will narrow down the results to the exact fit you desire.

Studio websites

Studio websites are the sources of anime ideas and art and they therefore serve as the best platforms where you can find details on any available anime jobs. Anime studio websites are the think tanks from where anime items, merchandise and products are brought to reality and what better place to target a job than at these concentration camps.    

Trade groups meetings

Since anime as a niche attracts the need for the availability of trade groups from where people and businesses can trade and find out what is new in the anime world, it serves as the best place to find jobs. The beauty with trade group meetings is that you get exposure and added to that, you get to brush shoulders with industry leaders and the anime heavy hitters who can offer varied insights for your growth. 

Anime conventions

One of the most standout methods to find anime jobs near you is to try out the anime conventions. This is mainly because people get to create connections at the said conventions which more often than not end up in lasting networks that can always enable you find new jobs in the anime field. At anime conventions, you also get to display your work, get exposure and in turn catch the eye of the anime companies. 

Anime Distributors

By forming connections with Anime distributors, you can get varied job openings especially since they are well versed in what is needed within the industry including how you can help and where your expertise and enthusiasm will be better suited. Anime Distributors offer a unique avenue to finding jobs since they are well connected and can offer great value in finding alternatives. 


Most people hear Freelancing and wonder how it can aid them land the job they wish to have but best believe that when you have established the right portfolio, landing a job will become a reality. Teaching Anime drawing, Concept art or even just drawing characters is a first step to getting in front of the right people who can offer you a job in the anime industry. 

Join Anime Groups

The key here is to write and join anime groups including the anime affiliated networks that promote anime around the world. As a communication hub for the millions of industry enthusiasts and professionals, anime groups let you get access to the available opportunities including job openings. 

Learn Japanese

Most jobs in the Anime world are predominantly captured within the Japanese realm which means learning Japanese stands you in good stead to be called in for translating jobs on anime films and conventions.

Harness your talent

If you have a talent, you need to harness it so that you can land a job in the anime industry. Talents including drawing, writing, art, voice acting extending to translating should be harnessed if you are to land your desired job in the anime field.

Showcase creativity

Anime thrives on the costumes and artwork which means being a costume maker is a great way to showcase your creativity and effectively land an anime job. The large production companies within the anime field are always in the hunt for individuals that will expedite the production of anime cosplay to reach the market and this is therefore the angle you should try to exploit. 

Delve into the Developer world

Anime is an industry that is constantly evolving and this means Developers are needed to keep with the evolution including customizations for future designs. With skills as a Developer, you can easily land jobs in animated film production and more. 

Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform where professionals meet to share ideas and connect and it has also manifested as a space where anime lovers and enthusiasts meet to form networks. At LinkedIn you can be sure that someone will be watching and this is where you have to strive to create that connection that will land you your next job.