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Google’s Latest Algorithm Update: What Brands Need to Know

Google’s Latest Algorithm Update: What Brands Need to Know 1024 768 Tony Guo

Google’s Latest Algorithm Update: What Brands Need to Know

Any business worth its salt in the current business climate really out to be engaged in one form of marketing or another. This is crucial if one is to stay competitive and beat out one’s competition, which is a lot in the current climate, with businesses regardless of which industry they are on, sure to face tremendous competition from fellow businesses. There are of course a lot of avenues when it comes to marketing one can explore, with paid search being one of the most popular out there. Lots of businesses are engaged in SEO, to great success with there being a lot of success stories out there. Google, with AdWords, is the big player here, with majority of businesses that are engaged in this form of marketing being on this platform. With the improvement in technology, and Google’s desire to improve, Google algorithm updates have come with some frequency, with each one having its own impact as far as brands are concerned. These algorithm updates usually come with a grave impact for those brands that are caught off-guard and choose not to pay attention and react to the changes brought about. To help out as far as this latest algorithm update is concerned, the one that was released in March 2019, this article will look to highlight what it was all about and what brands need to know as far as it is concerned, so that they can avoid any grave consequences that may come with nor being in the know.

Given that the update was only released in March of this year, and Google really didn’t go into detail as to what it comprised, it has been hard to really know the effects of the update, as is covered over at, the best place to visit for such topics. However, SEO experts have been able to deduce what the update was all about by keeping a closer eye websites and how they have reacted to the update. Here it has been noted that the websites of those brands that were penalized during the last major algorithm update have received somewhat of a reprieve and have seen an increase in rankings and consequently in traffic. Some of this brands that had suffered after the last major update in 2018 include those in the health, fitness and other wellness-related brands, with the websites really getting the short end of the stick. This has seemingly been reversed after this latest update, which will come as good news to such brands.

This latest algorithm update has also continued the shift by Google from answers to search journeys when a user is using the search engine. This means that users will be shown results that are unique to them based on what they had previously searched for or bookmarked. This is achieved by Google by the implementation of two features; Google collections and Google activity cards, all of which are discussed in detail over at, the best place to visit for more on such topics. This update brings about a more personalized touch as far as Google searches are concerned, something brands need to be aware of. This update is all about Google looking to mirror the buyer’s journey as they go from doing research, onto assessment then to evaluation and finally onto making a decision if they are to complete the purchase or not. This means that this update will mean Google will be pushing through products or services that the user has viewed previously. These products are the ones that will be appearing at the top of the search engine results page, SERP, something that brands need to be in the know about.

Another thing that brands really need to know about the latest algorithm update by Google is that those pages that are dedicated to either a single or limited subject matter, also known as niche pages, have been one of the biggest losers of the update. This, as per the folks over at, the best place to visit for such information, is due to the fact that such pages usually have less numbers as far as time on site and page views are concerned as well as higher bounce rates, mostly due to their lack of versatility. Brands should therefore take note of this and adjust accordingly to prevent any grave consequences from befalling them. Brands should also look to focus more on building brand authority and trust among its target audience if they are to get the best out of the latest update. What this means is that the main aim ought to be the creation and publication of creative, engaging and valuable content. This content should also be on key subjects around a topic that is of interest to one’s audience rather than on single or niche keywords as is stated above. Use experience has also become even more important after this latest update and should be one thing brands focus heavily on as far as their websites are concerned.

There is still a lot we are yet to learn about the latest Google algorithm update, but you can be sure as soon as we get something, you will be able to find it in great detail over at, which is without doubt the best place to head to for information on such topics.