Find MTG Tournaments Near Me – Best in Texas

Find MTG Tournaments Near Me – Best in Texas

Find MTG Tournaments Near Me – Best in Texas 1024 620 Tony Guo

Find MTG Tournaments Near Me – Best in Texas

Magic the gathering is going from strength to strength when it comes to popularity and especially in Houston and Texas at large. It therefore has become prudent for any avid player to attend tournaments so as to not only test their skills but to also boost and hone their gaming skills by learning from other players. The question now becomes where they can find such tournaments being held and if they happen to be from Texas, then this article will come in handy in trying to locate the venues of any tournaments near them.

  • Golem’s Gate – Gaming and Geekdom

For those around the Stafford area, this store located on 4645 S Main Street is definitely worth the visit for MTG fanatics. They offer tournaments every night of the week which is very attractive as whenever you are available and free you will know that if you pop in then you will get your MTG tournament fix. The staff and owners are very friendly and are always free to interact with you and for new visitors they will always look to integrate you with the rest of the players. They also have snacks available if you happen to get hungry in between games, and this coupled with the clean and neat layout of the store means that it is definitely worth the visit when in the general area.


Another store in Houston, Texas that regularly host magic the gathering tournaments. The store owners and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and are always willing to help and provide advice and tips. The tournaments are also usually well run, well attended and they are also equally as fun as they are competitive making them a must attend if possible. There are also a lot of prices and store discounts and bonuses to be won as part of the prices up for grabs during the tournament and the discounts and bonuses are particular enticing for customers who can be able to redeem any winnings in-shop. All these create a very enticing package that make attending an MTG tournament here a very enticing prospect and one you definitely should when in a position to do so.

  • GeekLife

Looking for some MTG tournament action in and around the 728 w 20th Street area? Then this is just the place to be. The entry fee for their Magic the Gathering tournaments is very affordable and they also have events three or four times a month so if you happen to be free they will have you covered. The atmosphere during tournament night is fantastic and the customer service equally great with very kind staff who are always willing to help. On the down side, the parking spot is not that big so if you come with a car on tournament nights you are unlikely to find any parking space so that is something you should look to avoid if you can. Otherwise, if you are looking to have an MTG tournament night then this is another store to consider.

  • Asgard Games

Located along Shepherd Drive in Upper Kirby, Houston this is yet another store to visit if you are looking to sate your MTG tournament thirst. They offer a certain level of comfort and cleanliness on tournament night that is very appealing with a very nice and neat setup. Tournament nights are again well attended and are competitive enough and they will have you intrigued and focused all the way through. They also have drink and snacks during tournaments which is another plus in case you get hungry or thirsty during games, and the drinks add to the fun atmosphere of the tournaments. It is definitely one where you should consider attending if you are looking for an MTG tournament and are near the general location.

  • Neil’s Bahr

This is an interesting mix of drink and game located along Walker Street in Downtown Houston. If you are looking for a night out on Sundays while participating in a MTG tournament, then they have you covered. They have a wide range of prizes and bonuses on such tournament nights that you can cash in for drinks which is a very nice twist indeed. The prices for drinks and tournament entry fees are very affordable and that coupled with a very laid back and cool ambience make this a very attractive package for those looking for some MTG tournament action. It is definitely like nirvana for any MTG geek with the décor. They also have bicycle parking and are wheelchair accessible as well. If you are looking for some Sunday night MTG tournament action, then look no further.

The above are just some of the few spots that you will find some MTG tournaments and so if you are ever within their vicinity then they are definitely worth a visit. There are definitely a lot more locations in Texas where you can have your MTG tournament itch scratched for this and much more you can always visit