Find MTG Cards for Sale Near Me – Best in Texas

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Find MTG Cards for Sale Near Me – Best in Texas

With Magic the Gathering gaining in popularity in Texas, a lot of stores dealing in MTG merchandise have been opening up all over Texas. This article will look to shine a light on such stores and where they are located so that if you are looking to purchase MTG cards, you can be able to know which stores are near you.

  • Geek World

Those who happen to be in Tyler, Texas then this might just be the place you have looking for. They have one of the largest selection of MTG cards in East Texas, from rare cards, common cards to uncommon cards. Their collection of cards is listed in alphabetical order to make it easier to browse and locate whatever cards you may be looking for. They also offer tutoring to new MTG players so you can pop in and learn more about the game as you purchase your cards if you are a new player. They remain open until late so if you have work or school until late you don’t have to worry of finding the store closed up for the day. As an aside they will also purchase any MTG cards you might be looking to sell, in exchange for store credit or straight cash. If you happen to be in the Tyler area, then this store is definitely worth a visit to.

  • Gamerz Pair-A-Dice

Another popular gaming store in Texas in which you can find MTG cards, this time in San Antonio. They have a wide variety of cards from rare one to common ones and they definitely have all bases covered card-wise. They are open every day of the week apart from on Mondays, and other than on Sundays they remain open until late, 2am on Friday and Saturdays, therefore even if you have commitments until late in the night but still want to make MTG card purchases you are still likely to find them open. They also have an order feature where you can access their website and make card orders in advance especially for any rare or on-demand cards that are likely to sell out. They will also provide you with all information on the cards including their condition, which will dictate their prices. If you are from or in the general San Antonio area, then this store is worth a visit.


This is for all the Magic the Gathering gamers looking to make card purchases and are in or from Houston, Texas. They offer a wide range of cards, all arranged immaculately in the isles that are well labeled to ensure that finding the card you are looking for is a piece of cake. The prices are also very competitive and affordable meaning that you are unlikely to be priced out of a move to purchase your favorite MTG cards. The owner and staff are also very friendly and knowledgeable and will always look to help you out with any questions or advice you may be looking for. The shop is well spaced and has a clean and neat setup which only adds to the shopping experience. If you are looking to sell any of your cards, then don’t fret as they will buy them from you either for cash or store credit. For Texans from Houston, this is definitely MTG nirvana and worth a visit if you are in the general area.

  • Fat Ogre Games & Comics, Inc.

If you are from the Woodlands in Texas, then look no further if you ever were looking to buy MTG cards. Their collection of cards is enviable, and the way they have been sorted and arranged makes finding your target cards very easy. The prices are very affordable with a lot of discounts attached making the prices even more competitive. The staff are very friendly and willing to help if you have any queries. Their social media presence especially on Facebook makes it easier for customers to be able to know if a new card has come into stock so if you fancy it you can get in early and make the purchase. These are just some of the features that make shopping for MTG cards in this store an absolute joy and if you are ever in this part of Texas then it is worth making your MTG card trading there.

The above stores only scratch the surface on what Texas has to offer in terms of where to find MTG cards for sale, proving that this is definitely a Magic the Gathering haven. They are relatively easy to find stores and the service is top notch. There are a lot more stores which offer similar services in Texas and for more information on the stores above and those not discussed here make sure you visit authoritative sites such as