Cosplay where to start Magic the Gathering Cosplay

Cosplay where to start Magic the Gathering Cosplay

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Surrounded by mystery, thrill and controversy in almost equal measure, cosplay has been around for ages. So hyped and widespread is cosplay in contemporary art today that it has been labelled the geek’s second way of life. Although cosplay in general has really made tremendous inroads in society today, the word cosplay is loosely thrown around and very few people actually know what cosplay entails and the fundamental aspects of cosplay.

So, what does cosplay mean? Why are millions of people worldwide so vested in this cosplay thing? Does cosplay have any benefits whatsoever? Why are so many people willing to spend thousands of their own dollars to take part in this cosplay thing? In case you wanted to start this cosplay thing, where do you start?


Cosplay is a contraction of two words- costume and play. It basically is a form of art where the human players tale up the mantle of fictional characters that they look up to and try as much as possible to personify that character and bring it to life. To achieve this, cosplay fuses various aspects of art ranging from fashion, craft to theater to bring various fictional characters to life and give this characters a platform to interact.

Cosplayers draw their inspiration from a host of fictional characters. From comic books, anime, video games to traditional card games like Magic: The Gathering. Players choose a character that they identify with from any of the above mentioned platforms and try as much as possible to personify that character. This includes costuming and theatrically acting like the character in question to add an element of authenticity to the entire thing.

As earlier on mentioned, Cosplayers draw their inspiration from various aspects of their lives and in this blog, we will be doing an introduction to Magic the Gathering cosplay and its significance in the game. If you are an ardent MTG fan and have always wanted to take part in MTG cosplay but don’t know where to start, then this is guide will help you get acquainted with MTG Cosplay. But first, what is MTG Cosplay?

Magic: The Gathering Cosplay 

Magic: The Gathering is the act of dressing up as various fictional characters in MTG and trying as much as possible to bring the characters to life in a fun and engaging way. MTG cosplay is an avenue for fans and ardent fans of the game to express their love for the game and interact with other fans who are equally enthusiastic about the game.

How to get started on Magic: The Gathering Cosplay

In case you are a newbie in MTG cosplay or are wondering on how to get started on taking part in one of the most engaging meet-ups for Magic players, then here are 4 tips on where to start on MTG cosplay;

Conduct a little research on MTG cosplay 

As a newbie, take time out and conduct a little research on MTG cosplays in general and what they entail. There is a lot of information online concerning the same but local game stores are equally resourceful when it comes to gathering information on these cosplays.

Identify an upcoming MTG Cosplay near you and get yourself a ticket 

However much you research online or consult from your friends, you’ll never get a full picture about what goes on in an actual event until you attend one. There are very many cosplay events in America for example and it is up to you to identify one closest enough to you and buy a ticket.

Identify a character you love the most and one you would love to play in the cosplay 

Once you have a ticket or have a lead to an upcoming MTG cosplay, it is time to choose a character that you identify with the most. Choose a character that you have a soft spot for and have always connected emotionally with. This way, playing this character will be a lot easier.

Time to think about costuming up for the big day 

This is the best part of any cosplay- dressing up as your heroic fictional character. You will therefore need to come up with a costume that embodies that character as perfectly as humanly possible. The traditional way of doing things involving knitting a costume on your own but for starters, there is no shame in paying a seasoned tailor to help you put a good costume together.

At the event, just have fun and don’t judge people 

Magic the gathering cosplays are all about having fun, interacting with other players and appreciating the art on display. You can choose to carry a camera with you to the event or just go without one and have fun fulltime. Remember to expect the unexpected at cosplays, people can be a little extreme at this event and you have no moral authority to judge anyone.

Welcome to the fun world of Magic: The Gathering Cosplays.