Can You Play MTG Arena for Free? Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

Can You Play MTG Arena for Free? Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me 1024 629 Tony Guo

Can You Play MTG Arena for Free? Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

Magic the Gathering is The game as far as collectible card games go, and it is definitely the most popular and the biggest in its field, with the fact that it has over 20 million actively playing it, as per statistics over at bearing this fact out. Since its release close to 26 years ago as a creation of Richard Garfield, while lots of aspects about the game have changed and been improved on like some of the rules, the way one can build decks as well as changes in the cards that make up those decks, one thing that has remained unchanged is its popularity all over the world with more and more people getting into the game. The fact that the game has embraced the digital wave triggered by technological advancements sweeping through the gaming industry by releasing first MTG online then MTG Arena has gone some way in maintaining its popularity especially when you take into account how well MTG Arena has been received since its big reveal on the 7th of September back in 2017, with a more detailed history of the same to be found over at This article will look to explore if one can be able to play the game for free, given its free-to-play nature.

As mentioned above, and discussed in detail by the experts over at, MTG Arena is free-to-play which means that it is free to download and start playing. The game however, has its own economy, with an in-game currency known as gems which help one in carrying out micro transactions in the game. The catch is that while these gems can be earned through working your way in events and tournaments, they can be bought as well for those who don’t want to grind it out in the game. This implies that whether the game will be totally free or not will entirely depend on you and your goals and preferences as far as playing the game is concerned, as revealed in discussions by the subject matter experts over at So the simple answer to the question to whether or not one can be able to play the game for free is yes. If you are willing to put in the work and have the patience to grind for your gems, then you can comfortably play this game for free.

To play the game totally for free, you will not be interested in gems as much, but in gold, which can be earned in quests and events. According to the folks over at, on average a player can be able to earn a minimum of 4000 gold every week which may probably not be enough to sustain one’s quest to be able to play the game for free. To supplement this, one can be able to earn more gold by ensuring the get more wins in quests and events. The maximum one can attain daily as far as wins go is 15 which in theory is enough to ensure that you play the game for free without having to spend your own money buying gems. The gold earned is enough to help one build a competitive deck as well as using the wildcards earned as well for trading for cards. As is covered over at, one will receive 250 gold for their first win and 100 gold for their 2nd, 3rd and 4th wins. If you compete in MTG Arena’s daily quests, then you can earn about 500 to 700 gold which means that on average one can be able to earn a maximum of 1,300 gold with a conservative total gold windfall of just over 1,000. Since a pack costs 1,000 gold, it is possible to earn at least a pack a day, which is enough to ensure that you are able to play the game without having to spend any real-world money.

You can also make use of the route provided by constructed and draft events to earn gold and thereafter buy packs for your decks. While it takes about 500 gold to enter constructed events, one can be able to make that up and then some by winning, with a maximum of 1,000 gold available for 7 wins, with more on the same to be found over at including the single cards that come together with the gold as winnings. While draft events cost more to enter, about 5,000 gold, they earn more, in terms of gems and not gold, with a maximum of 950 gems available for those who manage 7 wins as well as other earnings all of which are covered over at

What is clear from the above discussion is that while it is possible to play MTG Arena for free, it will turn out to be quite the grind especially when you look at the gold per hour and that is why most people end up spending to buy gems, as is revealed in discussions over at As usual there is more to be found on this and other related topics over at which is also your best bet when looking for Magic the Gathering store near you.