Can MTG Arena Run on Mac? Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

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Can MTG Arena Run on Mac? Magic the Gathering Stores Near Me

There is no doubting that since its release way back in 1993, Magic the Gathering has acquired and maintained a strong fan base and it currently has tens of millions of players from all over the world, as per the facts and figures by experts including those at The gaming landscape has been changing from when the game was released those near 26 years ago to what it is now, and the game and its creators have had to change together with the change in the times. Over the years, the game’s fans will attest to the fact that there have been changes as far as cards are concerned, the way decks are built, changes in the game’s rules among others; changes that were designed to make the game more in tune with the current gaming environment. It is no surprise that when the gaming landscape started shifting more towards digital, Magic the Gathering followed suit with first the release of MTG Online to then the release of MTG Arena, all of which are covered in detail over at The later has been well received, so much so that folks are wondering if the game will be able to run on Mac. This article will look to delve deeper into this and look to find an answer for the many people that need this question answered.

One of the bones that folks had to pick as far as Magic the Gathering Online was concerned was that it didn’t have support for Mac, as revealed in discussions over at on the same, which locked out the folks with Mac computers who were so eager to play it. It is therefore no surprise that when the folks over at Wizards of the Coast released for initial beta testing and it didn’t have Mac support, it got folks worried that it was going to follow the same direction as its digitalized predecessor and lock out those with Mac computers. However, the president of Wizards of the Coast Chris Cocks moved quickly to allay such fears and pretty much confirm that the game will eventually be available on Mac. Given that Magic the Gathering Arena was released with the aim of positioning it as the future of digital magic, as covered in detail over at, it would have been such an anticlimax if it only had support on one platform, Microsoft Windows. The fact that the president announced it will get support for other platforms including Mac was great news, as one can imagine.

One thing however the president of Wizards of the Coast was quick to point out when he announced that Magic the Gathering Arena will receive support for Mac, as was covered in detail over at, was that, officially that this is likely to happen either at the later stages of the beta testing or in and around the time they declare the game as a launch game or simply near its full release. The game has had support for Microsoft Windows only all through its lifetime, which is covered in detail over at, starting from when it went through closed beta from the initial stress-test beta to the later stages of said closed beta, to the current open beta stage it is in now which is probably why folks were worried that it wouldn’t get Mac support. This is why the announcement by the president was so well received by the game’s masses of fans. More good news as far as the game being available on Mac came when the president announced that Mac will be the first platform, other than Windows, the game will diversify to, taking precedence over the other platforms. This means that that the game will definitely support Mac when it will be released, with the other platforms following suit based on player feedback.

For those that can’t wait until MTG Arena can run on Mac officially, there some unofficial avenues to explore that will ensure that you can be able to run the game on Mac while it is still in open beta, as it is now. One of the popular ways out there folks have been able to use to run it on Mac is using Wine, with more on the same to be found over at This method is pretty straightforward an all you need to do is get Wine’s installer and the wineskin. From then on the installing process is pretty easy as all you need to do is follow the onscreen prompts and you will be golden, with a more detailed rundown on how to proceed to be found over at This is a way that will enable you to play the game on Mac as you await its full release and with it official support for Mac.

From the foregoing, with more on this and other topics to be found over at, it is clear that the game will eventually have official support for Mac, but in the meantime there are ways through which you can still be able to enjoy it if you have a Mac computer. Also keep in mind that is your best bet if you are looking for Magic the Gathering stores near you.