Are Magic the Gathering Pre Releases Worth it

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Are Magic the Gathering Pre Releases Worth it

Magic The Gathering prerelease often take place at local game stores. They are often held a week before an expansion set is released. Their emphasis is on social gameplay over the competition. At a prerelease, you also get to play with the newest magic cards. You also enjoy the company of other Magic the Gathering players and all you need at the event is provided as part of your entry fee. You only need to show up and play.

The most popular Magic prerelease event is the Sealed Deck Tournament where each of the players will get a starter and two boosters packs. From this, you are required to build a 40-card deck within a given time. Deck building is not easy mainly because most of the cards in your pool are new.

The rules will allow you to use all the cards in your new pack but its best to keep the deck to the 40 cards that are likely to come up more frequently. The unused cards will be your sideboard, which you can use to exchange with other cards during the tournament. Remember also to use many creature spells, as they are the best damage dealers. Additionally, fit the creatures in the mana curves to allow you drop more significant threats at each turn.

So, Is The Magic Prerelease Worth It?

Yes, it is. Here are a few reasons why

  • Incredible community

As earlier indicated, the magic prerelease emphasize on social interaction rather than competition. The community at the prerelease is incredibly helpful. The prerelease is very friendly to inexperienced players. You will get help from the more experienced players. They will advise and help you build your deck. You will be taught how to be a magic player. There will be no judgments from the players or lousy attitude although you might find a few competitive players. However, most game lovers will convert the newcomers with love.

Some of the people in attendance will be veterans, but the event is designed to be an easygoing affair and can be a good time for those who have never tried a tournament before. They usually run on Saturday and Sunday, and if you go on the second day, you will find smaller crowds, and there will be little pressure compared to the first day of the prerelease.

  • Get to build your collection

The prerelease pack of cards is the best you can get out there.  You will get six 15 card booster packs in the midnight prereleases. One of the packs will be a guaranteed foil card. You might even get a D20 themed card to act as a life hacker. It is the best way to build a quick collection. Most game lovers will attend the prerelease just to go home with the pack of cards.

  • The format is excellent for new players

Even if you are a new player, the prerelease format is very friendly. You get to build decks based on the prerelease box, and you can freely share cards with other partners. It means you will end up with more options when building your deck. Some store will let you borrow some land cards to make your deck. If you are lucky and get a rare one card that your opponent has no answer to, you get to win.

During prereleases, your inexperience and lack of a vast card collection do not put you at a disadvantage. In a standard format game, a player’s deck is limited by the collection of cards they have. However, in a booster format that is found in prereleases, you will try to build the best decks you can, given the different cards at the event. If you are in luck, you can beat other decks at the game despite the fact that you might be inexperienced.

  • You will have a lot of fun

After the packs are open and you have built your deck all you have to do is play the game and have fun. At a prerelease, all the anxiety will melt away once you start playing the game. The casual format of the event will allow you to make friends. You will talk and share with your opponents during the event and have fun. The excitement and the passion at the game are infectious, and the welcoming community is a bonus. Together with your pile of cards, you will never forget the fun you had at such events.

  • More promotions

It might seem that the booster box is your most significant win from the event if you are looking to get more cards. However, some stores will run several promotions that can be rewarding to you. Some will offer T-shirts at a lower price. Additionally, the prizes are also worth it. For instance, at the midnight flight, you get to win a title if you stay on all five rounds. You can get a pack to add to your collection. If you succeed in most of these rounds, you get extra booster packs.

The prerelease is worth it whether you are a new or experienced player of Magic the Gathering. At our MTG Lion prereleases, you will get to go home with new cards, create new friends and you won’t forget the fun you had at the event. If you are planning to attend an MTG Lion prerelease, enjoy yourself and meet the friendliest opponents in the game.