Anime Merchandise Store Near Me – Best in Texas

Anime Merchandise Store Near Me – Best in Texas

Anime Merchandise Store Near Me – Best in Texas 1024 684 Tony Guo

Anime Merchandise Store Near Me – Best in Texas

As the anime wave continues to sweep across the world Texas has not been left behind. This has led to anime stores mushrooming all over the great state all looking to outdo each other in terms of carrying and selling anime themed merchandise. This has necessitated the need for this article which put them under a microscope and get to know more about them and where they are located. This will enable you to be able to cut through all the jargon and zero in on the store more convenient for you and the one nearest to you.

  • Mtglion

Located in Houston this is one of the if not the premier store when it comes to everything anime. The store is very spacious and neat and the shelves are well labelled. The store is also well stocked with virtually every anime franchise available, this is key facet of any store meaning it is virtually a one-stop shop for all your anime needs. The owner and staff are also very warm, welcoming and very helpful. They are more than willing to put their knowledge on these issues to good use if you need advice or have questions on any of the merchandise. The prices are very friendly as well all in all adding up to a very attractive package which means that if you have any anime needs and are in Houston, then they have you covered.

  • Anime pop

This store is located in Addison along Belt Line Road. The staff are very courteous and are happy and willing to talk about the merchandise they have, what is coming out soon and just the anime culture in general. They are very well stocked with anime merchandise of all types from collectible figurines, cards, graphic tops, plushies and even comics plus much more. They also have discounts and lures which they drop all through the day which is another very good feature and one you should keep your eyes peeled out for. Their extent of inventory, friendly prices and staff added to the store’s warm ambience all help make it a must visit when in its general vicinity.

  • Kinokuniya

If you come from the Dallas area in Texas, then located in the Carrolton Town Center is the anime oasis you may have been looking for. They have a very large inventory of anime merchandise especially if you are fan of studio ghlibi. They have some items only in Japanese but that should not worry you as the friendly staff are always available and willing to help out in translating. Their collection of plush toys, figurines, Pokémon cards and much more are very wide and extensive too. The store’s setup is also very spacious and neat all adding to the shopping experience and even though some of the items might be on the expensive end, they are very high quality and definitely worth the outlay. As an anime store, it is definitely worth the visit if you are in the area.

  • Geppetto’s Toy Store

This is located in Irving Texas, along Airfield Drive and it is definitely worth a visit if you are in the Fort Worth area. They have a very extensive collection of anime themed toys especially, plush toys, figurines and a lot more. Their prices are also very fair and for those who buy merchandise past a certain amount they have discounts and bonuses which is another very handy feature. The owner and support staff are just that, supportive and are willing to help you out in making your shopping experience even more fulfilling. They are definitely worth the visit for all your anime needs if you are ever in the general area.

  • Anime Tokyo

This is the place to go for all your anime needs if you come from or in San Antonio Texas. Located along Wurzbach Road and open all week long, the store is a mixed bag of everything anime from toys to comics and stationary up to attire you won’t lack anything while in here. The prices are really cheap even putting supply and demand considerations for very popular and rare items. Their collection especially is worth mentioning again, it even rivals guys at cons! As is expected the staff are welcoming and very helpful. They have a very extensive collection of quality anime themed shirts as well. Their items originate directly from Japan so their authenticity is in no doubt. They even accept payment through Bitcoin, as well as being wheelchair accessible. It is a gem for all your anime needs and definitely worth a visit when in San Antonio, Texas.

The above stores are just a tip of the iceberg that is anime stores in Texas. With their customer services, friendly price points, and all their other accompanying features they are definitely the crème de la crème when it comes to anime in Texas. There are however a lot more anime merchandise stores in Texas and you can learn a lot more on them by visiting authoritative sites on the same like