Anime Drawing Classes Near Me – Learn to Draw

Anime Drawing Classes Near Me – Learn to Draw

Anime Drawing Classes Near Me – Learn to Draw 1024 636 Tony Guo

Anime Drawing Classes Near Me – Learn to Draw

Anime and everything that comes with it has been on an upward curve in terms of popularity and general penetration in other areas of the world and not just in Asia where it originated from. Most people want the ability to be able to draw their favorite anime characters but don’t know how and where to start. That is why it is important to know where one can find the nearest anime drawing class and that is where this article comes in handy specifically for those in Houston, Texas.

  • Houston art lessons

Located in Upper Kirby along Richmond Avenue, they offer anime drawing workshops with classes on every level. They take people from age 3 and older and with a class size being of 10 students on average, there is a guarantee that as a student you will receive the attention you require and deserve as you learn this new skill. There is usually a one-hour demo on each of the featured demo where the instructor will look to take you step by step as they draw. Another great feature is that each class has a different image or topic which means that there is always something new to learn. Pens, pencils and paper are provided for but it doesn’t hurt bringing your own supply as well. Another thing to note is that any children under the age of nine should be accompanied by an adult as a school policy.

  • Art league Houston

This is located on 1953 Montrose Boulevard and has been operating since it was opened in 1948 so you know it has some pedigree when it comes to drawing and especially anime drawing. The classes here are even more intimate with classes having up to only six students which means that you are guaranteed to get the requisite attention from instructors which should help your learning along far quicker. They also offer courses from all levels, that is from beginner level up to advanced level however they only take in students who are 17 years or older. They also have a membership feature which has a lot of benefits including open studio drawing sessions. This is a great institution for anyone looking to boost their anime drawing skills, definitely worth a look in.

  • Honey Art Café

Located on 3516 S Shepherd Drive, it is an interesting mix of café and art gallery which is definitely worth a visit. They also offer art classes for those interested so those looking to learn some anime drawing as they sip on some milk this might just be the place for you. The drawing classes are not that expensive too, costing on average $15 for an hour-long class but you have to call in advance so that you can find out when classes are starting and which ones are at what time. They also have a very friendly staff and instructors which makes classes even more fun and learning easier. It is an interesting learning environment that combines food and art but it does it well and definitely one to consider if you are in the general area and looking to take on some anime drawing lessons.

  • Houston School of Art & Design

This one is located on 9434 Katy Freeway, Suite 408 in Houston and has been open for 15 years now. They provide a wide variety of drawing classes with anime classes being among the most popular. If you happen to have a busy schedule, then this may be the place for you as they have class slots on virtually every available slot. This means classes on weekdays, evening classes and even classes on Saturday mornings. Also available are homeschooling courses for kids and if that was not enough they also have art summer camps. If you are looking to become proficient in anime drawing, then a course here is definitely worth considering.

  • Glassell School of Art

Located on 5101 Montrose Boulevard in Houston, it has the added advantage of being part of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. This means the quality of its instructors and teachers is top notch. The anime drawing classes offered are done really well, by experts which makes it among the best classes to enroll in. They offer classes ranging all the way from beginners to those more advanced and they also have both kids and adult classes. Classes here can be quite expensive though but considering you are being taught by world-class instructors as well as gaining admission to the museum it is definitely worth it. They also offer one day workshops which are less expensive and can be used as a test drive for those not sure whether to take up a full class or not.

The above are just some of the few locations where you can find quality anime drawing classes in Houston. If you are looking to sharpen up on your anime drawing skills or looking to start from scratch, then a class in either of them is definitely worth considering. For more on this and more you can always visit