20 Reasons to Play PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile Store Near Me

20 Reasons to Play PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile Store Near Me 1024 768 Tony Guo

20 Reasons to Play PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile Store Near Me

While Player Unknown’s Battleground, aka PUBG, was released as a PC game at first, a couple of years ago it officially arrived on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices in the United States as explained at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. Its mobile version is just as amazing as the PC and Xbox versions and comes highly recommended. Here are 20 reasons to play PUBG Mobile if you are considering taking the plunge.


One of the biggest reasons to play PUBG Mobile is its mobility as per RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. It is a battle royale PC game that was made available to every mobile user who can play the game from anywhere. PUBG changed the landscape of mobile gaming entirely, and even developed a pseudo-LAN scene for mobile gamers.

Cross-platform matchmaking

While PUBG PC is isolated as a PC game, PUBG Mobile is not. With the official emulator launch, now PC players can play PUBG “Mobile” on their PC. The best part about the emulator is that it is not a different game with a different server. PUBG emulator is an extended part of PUBG Mobile

Nails the basics

Where you drop in PUBG can determine if you win or lose, and the mobile version’s parachute controls are fine enough to place you exactly where you need according to RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com.

It is available on mobile

Being available on mobile gave the highest boost to the PUBG player base, which is to be expected as there are more mobile users than there are PC users. As it is on mobile, you can pick it up and play it anywhere, and is a lot easier to learn.

Lots of quality of life improvements

PUBG Mobile has got lots of quality of life improvements that aren’t in the PC or Xbox One versions, which is another reason to opt for the mobile version. For instance, in the mobile version, you can see the flight path of the drop plane at the beginning of each match.

Easy to play

You can actually win when you play PUBG Mobile, especially since the aiming controls actually work as articulated at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. You can spot, aim, and hit foes with nothing but your touchscreen., mostly because the game has some pretty heavy auto-aim that snaps your gun to target.

Customizable controls

PUBG Mobile’s controls are very customizable. If you don’t like where the onscreen buttons are, you can rearrange the entire layout to suit your own thumbs. If you need the fire button in a different place, you can move it, and so forth.

Long games

Unlike Fortnite, PUBG games do not end in 10 minutes or less as captured at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. While the gameplay can end in thirty if you pick the wrong rooftop to scale or if you have a bad strategy, winning a game may take around 30 minutes or longer if you are skilled, which is a great attraction.

Gyro aiming

While it is hard to snipe in PUBG Mobile compared to mouse-and-keyboard on PC, it can be argued that it is easier on phone than Xbox. This is because you can turn on gyro controls that let you simply nudge the phone in any direction for precise aiming.

PC-like gameplay in mobile

Before the arrival of PUBG Mobile in the market, many craved to play shooting games on a smartphone. The gameplay experience of PUBG Mobile is almost the same as on PC, which is one of the reasons why the mobile version has been so popular.

Genuine shooting

In addition to gyro aiming, the shooting in PUBG Mobile is much more exact and genuine as covered at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. Like in real life, gun-specific recoil forces the shooter to adjust their aim after each shot, and reloading speed varies widely between weapons, and isn’t instant with the press of a button.

The vehicles

PUBG Mobile gives players the ability to run over opponents with a jeep, which should be enough to justify the game’s status as one of the best out there. There are multiple types of drivable vehicles in PUBG Mobile, from motorcycles and Jeeps to vans and boats.

Multiple maps

As described at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com, PUBG Mobile has accomplished what Fortnite has failed to provide, and that is releasing multiple maps that allow players to utilize several different play styles.

It is realistic

PUBG Mobile, like the PC and Xbox versions, has realistic graphics, physics, maps, and weapons, all of which add a sense of urgency to gameplay. The sense of urgency is what makes players literally have sincere physical responses to the game.

Directional hit indicators

PUBG Mobile adds little directional hit indicators when you get shot, or hear shots nearby, something that is common with games like Call of Duty. This is very helpful as it makes it way easier to tell where enemies are coming from.

Multiple ways to play and win

There is not just a single style of fighting that will guarantee whether or not someone will win a game of PUBG, and the game’s tactics will vary by the map as discussed at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. This applies to weapons as well.

High stakes

In addition to its realistic combat, PUBG Mobile’s high stakes also make it extremely exciting. The way the combat is structured is designed to induce strong emotions and involuntary reactions from players and will have you hooked.

An immersive experience

PUBG Mobile offers an immersive, mature, and intense experience as outlined at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. The rounds are exciting, the shootouts are satisfying, and even the losses are motivating to players.

Less obtrusive map

The in-game map in PUBG Mobile is oddly less intrusive on the mobile version when compared to the PC and Xbox versions. This means that it obscures only half of your screen instead of the whole screen. It is also so easy to navigate with touch controls.

The auto-sprint feature

The sprint feature is extremely handy when you have a long way to run. Just swing your thumb far enough north on the virtual D-pad, and you will keep automatically running forward until you turn it off. It is a good way to rest your thumbs and makes it easier to sight enemies since your digit is not in the way.

These are some of the reasons to play PUBG Mobile, with the top-rated RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com having you covered if you are looking for a PUBG Mobile store near you.