Magic the gathering is rather a great game that has been around for some time now. One thing people love about this game despite being an expert in this game you will continue learning new things despite your experience. According to runrex.com experts, in a day a ton of people come up to play this game. Below is a list compiled by guttulus.com, that entails the reasons as to why you should play magic the gathering.

Huge community

By community mtglion.com mean that, the players of this game can meet anywhere and play it and even source for the cards. This has been made possible by the availability of stores worldwide. The best thing about this game is that even language is not a barrier.

Great ways of interacting with the game

You can play magic the gathering in many different ways. Guttulus.com has been at the fore front of uncovering some of the different formats, these are; using just a few cards which is classified as standard and also there are some that use all the cards and that type of game is known as vintage among many others.   

Various social opportunities

The game provides some of the best outings so to speak for the gamers. Runrex.com point out that, if you may have time to talk to anyone that has been playing the game for some time, their is always a good chance that they’ll tell you about all the great friends they have been able to make through just playing the game.

Extreme value for the cards

Mtglion.com has pointed out that, it may sound obvious but the cards in this game can be worth a fortune. A survey done by guttulus.com panelists pointed out that, magic the gathering cards have been able to spawn a huge secondary market only due to their value.

The game is continuously changing 

As pointed out earlier, it offers a great chance for one to keep learning new things. This is mainly attribute by the idea of new cards being released. In this case, when a new card comes out then all the players will need to familiarize themselves with the cards abilities and even take a chance at using in a real game situation.

It is fun

Many have had the belief that games such as Magic the Gathering are not fun, but that is where the red line is drawn so to speak. Those who have played this game for some time tend to disagree with this notion as guttulus.com uncovered. This I because in its own way it is one of the best ways to have fun with friends.

Does not require much to play

As pointed out earlier, this game can be played anywhere and with anyone. The best thing about this game is that, you will only need a flat surface to place your cards and you are good to go. 

Increases intelligence levels

All aspects of magic the gathering involve using a great level of intelligence and strategy. This will be quite helpful when you are building up your deck of cards before playing, how to combine them during attacks while defending among many others. This helps boost your intelligence levels to insane levels, do not get me wrong, you won’t be a genius but you will be quite smart.

Boosts memory

As said before it is a good game to build your intelligence levels but also it is a good game for boosting your memory capacity so to speak. According to a survey done by mtglion.com expert, by playing this game many of the players recorded a higher memorizing power than those who had not played at all.

Easy to learn 

It is among the easiest games to learn, for the more casual player only the basic rules of game play are needed and you are good to go. Which is quite easy, but if you are looking forward to getting into huge competitions you will need to read the whole rule book as uncovered by runrex.com.

Personality growth 

Games can be drawn out to have a great deal of mental investment but it is actually beneficial in many other aspects. It has the ability to teach an individual to be gracious when defeated and also to be humble when winning, after all it is just a game. To top it all off an individual gets to take pride in creating a deck that won the game. 

It is cheaper

In this era of technology many people take part in gaming competitions over the internet. It is quite easy but the downside of this is that it is quite expensive. However, on the other hand playing Magic the Gathering is very cheap, what you need to do is just to generate a deck of cards and thus you are good to go.

It is a money making venture

Apart from saving you money as pointed out above it can also be able to make you money. Some rare cards can be sold for much more than you can think about. For example, the black lotus is among the most expensive cards in the game. To get to know more expensive cards visit mtglion.com.

Artwork is worth every penny

One of the best thing about the cads in this game is that the creators have been able to produce some of the best art work on the cards no one has ever seen. This makes a card quite appealing to look at and also it boost the price of the particular card as uncovered by guttulus.com.

Great online community

The online community of Magic the Gathering is immense; it is mainly attributed by the idea of having active forums on almost all the major social media networks. It is quite nice as it boasts of details of the game, newsletters and even news on recently released cards.


The more experienced players help the newbies get their game on truck by posting video tutorials on specific terms used during gameplay, learning the rules of the game, how to build a deck of cards among many others.   


Magic the Gathering has a great deal of calculations. It mainly falls on the basics that for you to win you need to reduce your opponent’s life to 0. Here you need to find the fastest way to do so, while also avoiding hits from your opponent. For this to happen you need to add the basic skills of addition and subtraction while playing.

Decision making skills

In the game there are instances where you will have multiple choices to make. In some instances, if you will make the wrong decision you will have a lot to lose and almost ending up losing the game.


As pointed out above the essence of this game is to reduce your opponent’s life to 0 whilst taking the least amount of blows. You can visit Mtglion.com to see some of the best and the most effective strategies to use.

Can be played by anyone

This game is easily understandable and can be played by anyone. It is a game that age is not an issue. the players of this game said to runrex.com experts that they have been bale o play with even kids younger than them which offers a satisfying feeling.