20 Reasons to Play Hearthstone: Hearthstone Store Near Me

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20 Reasons to Play Hearthstone: Hearthstone Store Near Me

As explained at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com, Hearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectible card game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Originally subtitled Heroes of Warcraft, Hearthstone builds upon the existing lore of the Warcraft series by using the same elements, characters, and relics. It is a game that has extremely popular, and if you are considering getting in on the action, here are 20 reasons to play Hearthstone to get you off the fence and convince you.

It is free

One of the main reasons to play Hearthstone is that it is free as per RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com, and it really is free. If you have had bad experiences with the free-to-play model in the past, then you are in for a very pleasant surprise as Hearthstone allows you to purchase additional packs using in-game gold you earn just by completing quests, such as winning two matches as a Warrior of Mage.

It is not pay-to-win

Often, free-to-play also means pay-to-win, but this is not the case for Hearthstone. Blizzard has set up the Hearthstone competition as a ladder. The upshot here is that you advance as high as your cards, deck, and ability take you until you hit a roughly 50% success rate.

It is fun

Hearthstone is great fun, whether you enjoy the experience of theory crafting to build your decks or just take one from the net and enjoy the competition of a single match as articulated at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. Finely balanced, matches often come down to a single card, and small mistakes can have a large impact.

The role of the in-game narrator when opening packs

Pack openings when playing Hearthstone have an accompanying animation that builds excitement, with the in-game narrator gleefully yelling out “Epic” and “Legendary” when you find exceptional cards. additionally, if you don’t like what you have, you can disenchant cards for another in-game commodity called “dust” and craft the cards you really want.

A sense of humor

The game also has a clear sense of humor, making jokes in the cards’ flavor text with pop culture references and World of Warcraft in-jokes further adding to the shenanigans. The animation and sounds are also a delight with many stand-out characters having highly distinctive attack cries that never get old.

It is like Magic-lite

While Hearthstone doesn’t have the same depth that Magic has, it scratches many of the right itches without requiring you to keep up with an expensive metagame according to RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. Not being burdened by mana or physical cards has also allowed the game to explore new creative spaces that Magic veterans may find refreshing.

It is digital

The fact that Hearthstone is digital comes with plenty of perks. You won’t have to deal with organizers, binders, or reams of cards flooding the recycling bin. Just fast searching, sorting, and deck building. Being digital also means that Blizzard can nerf cards that escape their testing and come to dominate the metagame, offering a refund to affected players.

You can play anywhere

Despite its pleasing art, animations, and interface, Hearthstone doesn’t require a bulky PC as captured at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. Moreover, the game runs on iOS and Android tablets, meaning you can play on your bed, couch, or even in the washroom.

A vibrant community

Blizzard hit the over-20-million-players mark back in 2014 which means there is always someone to play, no matter the time of day. Many players stream their games, giving you the chance to learn how to play from Legend-caliber players. For those interested in even more competitive play, there is a Hearthstone world championship in the pipeline.

No in-game chat

While this may not seem like a great idea at first glance if you have played League of Legends you know how important it is. Blizzard has kept interaction with opponents to a handful of pre-canned statements, eliminating the vitriol evident in many online games.

Parental controls

As covered at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com, Blizzard supports accounts for your children, allowing you to set play-time limits, schedules, and restrictions on in-game purchases. This is a big step up from games that require you to lie about the age of your children just so they can play with their own accounts.

Has a lot to offer kids

Hearthstone is one of the best games out there for kids. It helps with strategy, the creative process of deck building, and math. Other benefits include AI opponents for when they are learning, a non-toxic play environment online, and because it is a free game, you don’t have to take out your wallet for additional copies for each member of your family.

Fast gameplay

What sets Hearthstone apart from other CCGs is just how fast the entire game plays as described at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. By eliminating resource cards, you can focus on the action at hand, and the gradual power creep leads to an average match length of fewer than 10 minutes.

It is flashy

Hearthstone has that classic bright, exaggerated comic style that has become synonymous with Blizzard’s Warcraft series. It is not just the fun art style on the cards; large creatures slam onto the board, crackling the sandy ground underneath them, creatures hurl themselves at each other and heroes, and the crowd oohs and ahhs after a particularly devastating attack.

Daily quests

While playing competitive games just to win and be the best is certainly a viable angle, many get a huge amount of enjoyment in completing daily quests, opening new packs, and constructing new deck ideas around the cards they get.

The Arena

If you enjoy the thrill of building decks, hearthstone has its own version of the classic Sealed Deck Draft in the Arena discussed at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. For 150 gold, you are given a choice of three heroes, followed by 30 rounds of card selection from a choice of three randomized cards.

It is easy to pick and play

Boasting a low entry point, and gameplay that even a five-year-old can understand, few people would be overwhelmed by Blizzard’s card game. This is why many people stick around after trying Hearthstone their first time.

Games are short

As already mentioned, Blizzard designed its card game to be fast-paced and easy to get started as outlined at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. This means that you can play whenever you have 10 or so minutes to spare, which is different from most other card games that require long sessions to complete a single game.

You can admire your cards

One of the perks of playing a physical card game is that you get to physically touch and admire your cards. Blizzard has recognized that and has designed Hearthstone to let you see your collection of cards and set up decks. This matches the fun of real card games in that you can spend time admiring your collection.

Constant rewards

In addition to being able to level each hero simply by playing as them, each day also brings new quests. For instance, maybe today you need to win two games with a mage deck. Perhaps tomorrow you will just need to destroy 50 minions. Gold is your reward for completing quests, which you can exchange for booster packs of five new, random cards.

If this article has convinced you and you are looking for a Hearthstone store near you to get started, then the excellent RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com have got you covered.