Influencer marketing is one of the growing trends companies use to make their products famous among the public. This may apply to both latest products and already existing products. uncovered the best male influencers of the year 2022. To get more information on this and more visit    

Alex Moe

He has over 500,000 followers on Instagram and there’s a good reason that has allowed them to have as much. He has been able to create his own version of Starbucks drinks which are a slight twist. He mainly uses Instagram to share tips on how his followers can order these drinks.

Adam Gallagher

He is among the small percentage of people to have a great following of over 2 million followers. While this number keeps growing, his followers look to him to trend forecasts and outfit ideas as pointed out by

Eugene Lee Yang

He got famous from a buzz feed, he worked here as a producer and has been able to feature in many of the videos. has been able to uncovered that he has been able to point out that many people like him due to his great sense of humor.

Nickelson Wooster

Fashion is not mainly about age this is mainly attributed by the fact that he is only 58 years and still making some big moves in the fashion industry. is a great firm mainly dealing with the latest forms of fashion.


He has been able to garner a whopping 68,000 followers on the platform and has been able to SAVEUR blog award for the best food Instagram. has been at the fore front of making sure that he produces some of the best foods in the world.

Calvin Royal

He is a dance influencer as pointed out by expert dancers. He is known to have the best kind of choreographs of all time. He uses his Instagram to share beautiful shots of his dance moves and his modelling shots. He has been able to work with huge band names like, Calvin Klein, tommy Hilfiger among many others.

Jack Morris

A travel influencer who is making sure that he is making big waves in the industry. His feeds look very appealing as compared to many others. has been able to uncover that he has been traveling all over the world since the years 2012.

Paul Octavius

He is a Jamaican bred photographer and art influencer. His worked of art have been the talk of town for many years. Due to this he has been able to gain a great deal of followers adding up to over 500,000. To get more information on him visit

Gary Yeh

He has a very attractive feed that is based on his diaries and blog where he details his adventures in art galleries around the world. has been able to uncover that his feed is filled with stunning features of art installations and very attractive art pieces.

Luke Hannon

He is known for his forms of comedy which has been able to build a name for himself. Due to this he has been able to gain a large following of over 300,000 on his meme account and over 70,000 followers for his personal account.

Gaz Oakley

This is a food influencer from wales, and is mostly constant with good food and pictures. He currently has over 310,000 followers on Instagram, where he has been able to share pictures of his dishes as named from

Phil Cohen

He is an art director and style influencer with 700,000 followers. Rather than posing outfits, he arranges them in a very organized fashion as you can see in the screen shots. Phil has partnered with to make sure that he gives the best services ever seen.

Kevin Curry

After a survey done by, it pointed out that, he is one of the top food influencers on Instagram. His feed is dedicated to sharing healthy recipes that compliment his fitness routine.

Justin Livingstone

He is mainly a fashion and lifestyle influencer from New York, who also happens to be the big brains behind Scout Sixteen. This is a life travel blog with great and nice content. has been at the fore front of partnering with this brand to provide the best services.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly he is the founder and CEO of ‘The Points Guy’. It is mainly a travel website that provides insider information on travel aviation and earning points. His brand account also shares his travel experience as uncovered by

Wayne Goss

He is an English Make-Up artist originally built in his influence through YouTube, where he has over 3 million subscribers and on Instagram he has over 620,000 followers. Using his 15 years of experience in makeup he shares tutorials and honest reviews.

Ryan Clark

Here is another influencer marketer on the list. He is mainly based on the list. He is the founder of High Fashion Living a men’s style blog. He is known for his sharp clean cut suites and effortless style as pointed out by panelists.

Quin Schrock

A survey done by experts at  pointed out that, he takes breathtaking images of travel destinations around the world including Mexico, Australia and the Philippines. These photos have helped him build a massive following on social media.

James Duigan

Before he even became famous on Instagram, he had already been a bigger name, mostly known for a world-renowned wellness guru. On Instagram, he shares his wellness tips with many of his followers while also not forgetting motivational quotes.

Bradley Simmonds

He is fitness influencer mainly based in London. As young as he may be, he has built a massive name for himself in the great world of fitness. He has been able to create some workout plans and shares fitness tips as a trainer. To get more information contact