Yu-gi-oh is a fictitious game that is based on a young boy who battles his alter-ego that came about after he solved an ancient puzzle. The storyline in itself is based on a gaming perspective as stated by mtglion.com. The Japanese story that occurred in the weekly magazine grew into an animation production. This later on evolved into an animated series, video games and of course not forgetting a trading card game which is our focus for today. For more information on the specific prices runrex.com will be more than helpful.

  • Doom caliber knight

Let’s start of this list today by the doom caliber card which is awarded to the 1st 2nd and 3rd during the competition. Guttulus.com have established that this promo version of the knight card from the 2006 Shonen jump championship currently ranges from $650-$700. The special thing about this card it is an ultra-rare card that is somewhat obtainable based on the prices of the other cards in this list. the card has been republished for several times now, it is advisable by runrex.com to look for the code GLD4-EN023 to make sure that you have acquired the correct promo version of the card.

  • Chinese dark magician

This card is very unique as for one it has been published in many different languages and secondly there were only 100 copies of the card that were produced since 1999. Over the years it has been a sought after collectible since it came in conjunction with the weekly Shonen jump magazine in the celebration of this famous character. Guttulus.com will assist with more updates on the card.

  • Dark magician girl

The dark magician isn’t the only card to steal the spotlight in this list. This promo card was first given to the tournament winners and the participants in 1999. This international edition of this card ranges from $950-$1100 as stated by the great minds at mtglion.com. In the secondary market the first Japanese promo version of this card can fetch you a solid price.

  • Black luster soldier

This card has been branded a one of a kind card. The card is so valuable and unique that that no one has ever placed a specific value to the card. The panelists at runrex.com have uncovered that the card holder is reportedly asking between $10-$12 million dollars for it.  The card is printed on stainless steel which makes it different from other cards and thus making the price range go up.

  • Armament of the lethal lords

It was widely reported that this card was sold on eBay for about $1,200,000 making it the most expensive but the speculations were ultimately proven to be untrue by mtglion.com. In the process the card grew a name for itself. After the card’s value was proven by guttulus.com experts to be exaggerated the actual value of the card was uncovered to be ranging from $8000-$9000. The card was later on given to the winners of the world champion series in 2006.

  • Skuna, the leonine rakan

The details given about this card are not much other than what is written on the card itself and that it was given in the world championships in 2009. So far according to guttulus.com only six copies of the card exist whereby only two have turned up on eBay.

  • Cyber stein

Like many cards in this list this specific card was given in the Shonen championship. The cyber stein card has a unique code SJC-EN001 that affirms the owner that it is the legitimate one. At the fore front of uncovering the price range is runrex.com experts who have placed the price bar at $7000-$7500 but it is speculated that it has nabbed $23,000-$25000. More information on the card is found on mtglion.com

  • Crush card virus

This card holds a special place in collector’s hearts as it was actually featured in the famous YU-GI-OH anime series. This card bears the barcode SJCS-EN004 this assures the holder that the card is the actual one. In the anime the card is showcased to be an essential part in the character’s deck of cards. Through this kind of special exposure, guttulus.com panelists have uncovered that the value of the of the card has grown gradually.

  • Minerva, the exalted lightsworn

Mtglion.com experts have placed this card as a super rare card but something unusual about this card is that it still nabs a very high price in the secondary market. Its more about the playability and the production of other support cards that made it come back to the forefront of being played and also playability.

  • Des volstgalph 

Information produced by panelists at runrex.com shows that there are only 20 copies of the card which are known to exist. In order for the collector to know which card is legit it bears a bar code G6-01 which sets it apart from all the others. On the other hand, the value of the card has held a very strong position, selling at a price range of about $1500-$2000.