10 Tips: What Baseball Cards to Invest In?

10 Tips: What Baseball Cards to Invest In? 1024 616 Tony Guo

10 Tips: What Baseball Cards to Invest In?

The business of investing in baseball cards has seen a massive uptick in recent years as is revealed in discussions over at runrex.com. This has seen more and more people get into it as they also try and see a big return on their investment. We have seen baseball cards sell for huge amounts of money as covered over at guttulus.com, hence it is no surprise that more and more people are looking to invest. Whether you are a budding investor or an established operator, you want to make a decent return on your investment and this article will look to help by highlighting 10 baseball cards you should look to invest in.

  • 2011 Mike Trout Topps Rookie Card

For many, Mike Trout is the best MLB player to ever do it, and his stats and record back this claim up. What’s more, he may still have 10 years to go at the top, which is why, according to the gurus over at mtglion.com, investing in his rookie card is a no-brainer. There is no denying that by the time he puts his bat down, Trout will be the holder of multiple records, which means that the value of his 2011 rookie card will be worth even more in the future than it is now making this one of the best investments you can ever make as far as baseball cards go.

  • 1993 Derek Jeter SP Foil

Derek Jeter is a legitimate icon of the game and one of the best players of his era. However, his star power aside, what makes this card even more attractive as an investment is his recent MLB Hall of Fame induction which has taken its value into even greater heights as discussed over at runrex.com. Now is the time to strike while the iron is still hot as this card’s value is only set to go higher and higher.

  • 2017 Ronald Acuna Jr. Bowman Chrome Rookie Card

Ronald has always been seen as a star in the making since his days as a prospect, and he is more than living up to all the hype. According to the subject matter experts over at guttulus.com, his 2017 rookie card is the perfect long-term baseball card investment as it is your chance to get in on what will become one of the hobby’s most valuable assets at ground level.

  • Ty Cobb T206 Red Portrait

From discussions on this topic over at mtglion.com, it is clear that this is a card that any collector worth his/her salt should have in their possession. Not only is it a chance to have a piece of one of the game’s true greats, but you get one of the best investment opportunities out there, with a value that is set to continue rising steadily year after year. You should particularly focus on investing in the red, and green backgrounds versions of this card, which are the most popular ones.

  • 2019 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Topps Rookie Card

This is another chance to get in on the action early on a player that seems to have a bright future ahead of him. The gurus over at runrex.com point out that the value of this rookie card should continue to rise as Guerrero Jr. continues to get comfortable with life as an MLB player. Considering what we know so far about him and what we have seen of his play, this card will be one of the most valuable in the hobby within no time at all and is an excellent long-term investment.

  • 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Rookie Card

It is in the late 1980s and early 1990s when baseball and baseball card collection was at its most popular, and very few players defined and decorated that era more than the iconic Ken Griffey Jr. As is explained over at guttulus.com, this is an iconic card and one that has been climbing steadily in value since it hit the market and is now among the most valuable out there, with all indications being that this increase in value will continue in the years to come.

  • Ty Cobb 1909-11 T206 BAT OFF SHOULDER

This is another Ty Cobb card that had to feature on this list because of how iconic it is in the hobby. What makes this card so iconic is just how stunningly beautiful it is, with a multi-color background and featuring a serious-looking Ty Cobb staring into the distance. It is an iconic baseball card, one that is extremely valuable as revealed in discussions over at mtglion.com, and one that you should be looking to invest in.

  • 2018 Juan Soto Topps Chrome Rookie Card

Having made his MLB debut for the Washington Nationals in May 2018, Juan Soto is another one of the new stars who is predicted to have a very bright future, and potentially a Hall of Fame career. This means that his 2018 rookie card is among the hobby’s most valuable possessions and one that makes for a great long-term investment according to the subject matter experts over at runrex.com.

  • 2016 Fernando Tatis Jr. Bowman Chrome Rookie Card

Fernando has been one of the MLB’s best players this year and is showing that the form he showed in his rookie year was no fluke. Given that he is only 21 years old, his 2016 rookie card makes for a great long-term investment according to discussions on the same over at guttulus.com and is a chance you have to take when the opportunity presents itself.

  • 1987 Greg Maddux Leaf Rookie Card

Greg Maddux is another iconic player, and it comes as no surprise that his rookie card is valued so highly. Featuring a young baby-faced Maddux rocking a mustache, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing baseball cards out there right now, and according to the gurus over at mtglion.com, it is another one that you should be looking to invest in.

These are just some of the baseball cards that you should be looking to invest in, with more on this wide topic to be found over at the highly-rated runrex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com.