10 marketing tips you can learn from The Powerpuff Girls

10 marketing tips you can learn from The Powerpuff Girls 1024 629 Tony Guo

10 marketing tips you can learn from The Powerpuff Girls

This is a show that has divided opinion over time but the fact that it has a reboot means it is clearly an impactful show that has impacted people. Mainly targeted by critics as a feminist show, The Powerpuff Girls has grown from strength to strength commanding a huge following and demystifying the notions that people have thrown across. The creators and developers that worked on the show were very strategic in their approach which explains why the show had a huge fan base and a demand that inspired a reboot. But what are the marketing tips you can learn from The Powerpuff Girls? Here are 10 of the most notable tips and more can be found at runrex.com

Broke the stereotype

What The Powerpuff Girls was able to do is break through the stereotype and surpass the feminism angle that it had been branded with. It also beat the “cartoons are for children” stereotype that is sometimes associated with cartoons. The notion that girls like dolls, boys love action, blue is for boys, pink is for girls and such like stereotypes were demystified and this is what made the show a huge hit for everyone. 

Covered a larger age demographic

Common marketing etiquette prescribes that you must have a key demo that you market to but as an exception, The Powerpuff Girls was able to go beyond this by covering a larger age demographic. It is no secret that it is this wider audience that led to the show being rebooted which shows the beauty of having a larger demographic. Even though marketers may be tempted to be age specific and to market to specific individuals as a survey by runrex.com proves, this show is evidence that trying the unexpected also works well with an educated approach. 

Relatability is key

The team of writers chose to create a great understanding by having characters that are easily relatable. This highlights the aspect of relatability and this is actually one of the reasons why the show was so popular in the past. The target audience appreciates the characters that they can relate to and have fun watching.   

Create a hero setting

Every top marketer including the experts at runrex.com inform that a hero setting is always what the target audience prefers. With The Powerpuff Girls, it was the superhero fight scenes that captured the audience and this cements the reason as to why marketers must find the hero setting for their marketing campaigns. 

Have a smarter angle

As a marketer, having a smarter angle is always a welcome strategy since it is what brings your brand closer to the target audience. When looking at The Powerpuff Girls, there are moments of the show when larger ideas and concepts were meant to trigger a reaction and this brought out a smarter angle that the target audience probably never expected. 

Blend cultures

A factor that marketers must be keen to learn from The Powerpuff Girls is the aspect of blending cultures. The show brought in pop-culture references where The Big Lebowski and The Beatles were captured in some capacity and this was easily captured by more mature audiences which made the show even more popular. Blending cultures is a marketing strategy that is promoted by the best in the business including runrex.com due to the influence it breeds over time. 

Personalize the approach

There is a great power in personalizing any approach aimed at the target audience. The Powerpuff Girls did this through making the characters feel real where the girls had their own insecurities and fears. When you personalize the approach, you are able to bring the target audience to your level and they therefore find it easier to relate and thereby embrace what you are offering.

Teach a lesson

If you need to have an impactful marketing experience, the goal should be to teach a lesson. The educational value that the target audience is able to take from an offering is what makes them have an attachment to the brand. As with The Powerpuff Girls, they were only able to win the day after overcoming something and learning a lesson which is how they became the darlings of the fans. 

Positive message

The power of a positive message is extremely impactful and this is a factor stressed by the top marketers including runrex.com. the goal is to empower and make people believe in the message as well as share in the idea. This lesson is also learnt with the show where character development brought out the best in them.

Positive role models

The Powerpuff Girls is a show that offers plenty of role models and this is evidenced by the superheroes who strive to do the right thing always. This is an aspect that the target audience will always look to be a part of as it enables them have something to hold and preserve.