10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Steins;Gate

10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Steins;Gate 1024 840 Tony Guo

10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Steins;Gate

Created by the animation studio White Fox, Steins;Gate is an anime television series from 2011 that is among the most popular around. The storyline revolves around Rintaro Okabe and his friends who by accident discover a method for time travelling which enables them to send messages to the past and consequently be able to influence and change the present. It is a great anime, very popular and its storyline definitely contributes to its popularity with more on it to be found on runrex.com. This article will look to explore the marketing angle as well as trying to pinpoint 10 tips we can learn from it in terms of marketing.

Over the years through the various marketing campaigns by Steins;Gate has been the concept of user-generated content which is one of the tips we can take from their marketing campaigns. Given how popular this anime is, the fact that they have been able to make use of their fan base by encouraging them to create content that they then use for their marketing campaigns. As discussed on runrex.com, the concept of using user-generated content is quite important and they are one of the best at it.

Another tip worth learning from Steins;Gate is their use of influencer marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Some of the most influential accounts on social media, especially on matters anime have on one time or another carried content on Steins;Gate, which has gone a long way in maintaining its visibility and as marketing strategy is one which other brands would do well to learn.

Another tip on marketing we can learn from Steins;Gate is how their marketing is brand oriented. Brand-oriented marketing, as is discussed on runrex.com, is an important concept that ensures your products are front and center of any marketing campaigns you may run. This is exactly what they employ as you are left in no doubt as to what their brand and products are when you watch any of their marketing campaigns. It’s a concept worth learning.

We can also learn about their use of social media in marketing. Any brand worth their salt should have a social media presence and Steins;Gate is no exception as they have a presence on the major social media platforms which when it comes to marketing is a major boost for their brand. Therefore, by studying them we can be able to learn about the effective use of social media when it comes to marketing.

Steins;Gate as a franchise is known and has fans from all over the world and this opens up avenues when it comes to marketing. Given that it has such a global presence, they make sure that their different campaigns are tuned for the particular region being targeted and this is something we can learn from them.

The experts on runrex.com all agree that marketing campaigns that are all over the place are unlikely to be successful. Consistency in your messaging is what you should be looking for, and Steins;Gate prove just that with their marketing campaigns owing much of their success to their consistency which means that the core values of the brand always shines through making this yet another useful tip to pick from them.

Their licensing of clothing items and other apparel as a marketing gimmick is yet another tip we can learn from them. There are lots of items out there carrying the anime’s characters and this has done wonders for the brand in terms of marketing as these products help in maintaining its visibility making this yet another valuable marketing to learn from them.

Their reuse and repurposing of content is another great tip we can learn from them when it comes to marketing. If they do great articles, then they are not afraid to repurpose into other forms of marketing media and this is a very important lesson to learn as good content should not be left to go waste by being just used once.

Their use of blogs and print media as a way of marketing themselves is one which we can take lessons from as well. Blogs are still very popular and a good blog or two could do wonders for your brand as Steins;Gate goes to prove.

Something that is very specific to Steins;Gate is the fact that they have actual product placement in the anime. The Dr. Pepper fizzy drink is heavily featured and the relationship between this two brands is unique but also quite profitable for both parties when it comes to marketing. This is something that can be borrowed and implemented, definitely a tip worth learning.

The above are just some of the strategies employed by Steins;Gate when it comes to marketing and are definitely worth learning and implementing where possible. As usual there is more on this topic and much more on the always reliable runrex.com.