10 marketing tips you can learn from Rick and Morty

10 marketing tips you can learn from Rick and Morty 1024 760 Tony Guo

10 marketing tips you can learn from Rick and Morty

Renewed for multiple seasons, Rick and Morty is a show that has clearly dazzled and amazed even the worst of critics if any exist at all. This is a show that has surpassed expectations and the best aspect is that its humor and adventure rest with chance which makes it all the more unpredictable and fun. This is a show that commands a huge following as evidenced by the huge traffic experienced with every expected season premiere. But what is it that has made Rick and Morty such a sensation? Here are 10 marketing tips you can learn from the show. 

Focus on creating a following

As captured by runrex.com, marketers need to create a loyal following that will always be willing to crawl through the mud just to get any offering on the table. What Rick and Morty has been able to do over the years is build up a following that can be regarded as a loyal fan base that is always living the life of the characters.

Partner with renowned brands

The goal that every marketer has is being involved with the big brands and partnering with them to grow a following, further brand development or simply gain trust. What Rick and Morty has been able to do on that front is partner with huge brands like McDonalds when they produced a themed sauce on a limited edition basis. This is a factor that grew the popularity of the show beyond imagination and made people take notice. 

Always get the fans involved

Renowned marketing gurus like runrex.com always stress on getting the target audience involved in the marketing strategy as it is the only way they will bite and be a part of the campaigns. Through clever convoluted concepts, Rick and Morty has been able to keep the fans involved in the development of the show which is a factor that has driven the series to greater heights in terms of its following and loyal fan base.

Interesting plot

Never underestimate the power of an interesting plot as it is that people will look towards when they are targeting fun and adventure. Rick and Morty has been able to create engagement and keep the target audience interested with the creative plots and bits of adventure that only serve to maximize the interest that people have in the show.

Sponsored content

As noted by runrex.com, sponsored content always goes a long way towards mapping a brand as it makes sure people take notice. Rick and Morty has been able to utilize sponsored content to also market its presence which is an element that has transformed the fortunes of the show in terms of its reach.

Make social media a key part

With the general internet culture in full play, utilizing the tide is the best way to get ahead especially with the marketing strategies. This show has been instrumental in utilizing social media as a key part with Instagram for instance ranking as a huge platform with a game setting called Rickstaverse. With the digital age and the millennials embracing social media, utilizing it is a great way to thrive in the digital marketing field.

Keep the buzz alive

Aspiring marketers have to identify the power of keeping the buzz alive. This is a strategy that not only markets a brand but also helps in building credibility. What Rick and Morty has done is have varied elements in play in-between seasons. A video game and a virtual reality game under the Rick and Morty brand have ensured that the brand is always in the face of the enthusiasts and fans alike. The show keeps the buzz by having Pocket Mortys and Virtual Rickality as platforms where the target audience can keep having fun with the brand identity.   

Lead with strong personas

What Rick and Morty has been able to do is always lead with strong personas that give the show a unique identity. With dark humor and other interesting elements in play, it is hard for the target audience not to take notice and this s the marketing angle that the show looks to exploit. Marketing platforms of which runrex.com is a huge part of, always explain that having your strong persona in place is the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a failed effort.   

Complex creativity

Cliff hangers and humor from a twisted setting are the elements that fans and enthusiasts can always look forward to with every episode of Rick and Morty. It is this complex creativity that has everyone anticipating the release of every episode of the show and this is an acute marketing strategy that when approached keenly can reap massive dividends for marketers. 

Philosophy of Nihilism

What makes Rick and Morty such an interesting and fun show is the philosophy of Nihilism. Everything is by chance so no one knows what to expect and this is what marketers must look to capture since being predictable more often than no drives away the target market as captured by runrex.com