10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Legend of the Blue Sea K Drama

10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Legend of the Blue Sea K Drama 1024 732 Tony Guo

10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Legend of the Blue Sea K Drama

One thing that is consistent with Korean drama is just how creative their scripts are. This is partly why they have become so popular as they are always creative with their storylines, definitely not mundane. Blue Sea Korean drama is no exception as it combines fantasy with romance to bring us a series which had us glued to our screens when it was released. Its storyline revolves around a con-artist and a mermaid with a more detailed review of some of the best Korean drama including this one to be found on runrex.com. This article will however focus on the marketing side of things with ten tips we can learn from them on the same.

The creators of this Korean drama had one eye on marketing long before it started airing. They started during the time they were doing the casting as they made sure the main characters were played by two of the most famous actors in this field in Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho. These two ensured that the show maintained first place ranking in its timeslot with equally impressive viewership ratings. Aligning with star quality as a marketing gimmick is one tip we can learn from them.

As can be expected from such a popular Korean drama, it didn’t take long for it to become an international hit. They made sure that they used their popularity to market themselves across the border and even as far as countries from the west. The way they were able to penetrate the international market is something we would do well to learn from them as this is not an easy market top crack as is explained on runrex.com.

Their use of the show’s soundtrack album songs as a marketing tool is yet another market tip we should learn from them. Their songs were so popular that they managed to crack various music charts including the main Korean chart. They were also available for download and in terms of sales they did very respectable numbers. What this meant was that as a brand they gained so much visibility from their soundtrack album songs and as a marketing tips it is definitely worth learning.

As is clear from credible sources on the industry on runrex.com, social media marketing is so crucial for any brand nowadays. Their use of social media is worth learning due to their diversity. This is important as a marketing tool as this ensures that your marketing pool increases if you are on different platforms. This also ensures that you eventually know which social media platform is doing well for you and which one to drop making this a marketing tip worth learning.

They also jumped into the Reddit pool for marketing purposes, a forum which provides platforms for various industries including fantasy romance where the Blue Sea K drama belongs to. Most people know Reddit as a forum of discussion but what most don’t know, information that can be found in greater detail on runrex.com, is that they provide advertising opportunities. As a marketing tip, the use of Reddit is a tip we should definitely learn from them.

Their move to license products based on their brand as a marketing tool is yet another tip we should learn from them. There are a lot of clothing products and shoes among other licensed products like bags, phone covers etcetera. What this achieved in doing is exposing them even further to prospective fans and as a marketing tool it was quite successful.

Another marketing tip worth learning from them is their contextualization of their marketing campaigns. They knew the demographic of people who were likely to watch them and get merchandise from them and concentrated their efforts in reaching out to them. This meant that the chances of their marketing being successful improved exponentially.

The use of free marketing platforms where possible is always recommended and their use of blogs in marketing their show and merchandise definitely achieved that. They made sure that they worked with blogs and vlogs to ensure that content on them was always available increasing their visibility and as a marketing tool this is worth learning.

Television shows thrive when interaction with their fan bases is maintained and for the Blue Sea Korean drama, the integration of user generated content achieved exactly this. When they released ads on the various platforms including social media, they made sure they involved their fans in the making of the content and this goes some way in explaining why their marketing campaigns were so successful. The use of user generated content is a marketing tip we can learn from them.

They also made endorsement deals with various brands which saw their main characters appearing in various ads on television and being splashed on billboards. This as can be expected provided visibility not only for the various brands they were promoting, but also to their own brand and their show making this yet another marketing tip worth learning.

The above marketing tips goes some way in explaining their success when it comes to marketing and are definitely worth learning. As usual the always reliable runrex.com has you covered if you are looking for more information on this and other topics.